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Twitter Gets New Update: 140 Character limits Rules and more

There have always been a need for an update on the Twitter platform as most users have in so many occasion filed their thoughts and contributions on what they think could make Twitter more engaging and as it stands,it seems like the Twitter team took cognizance of those contributions following what they have packaged for us.
I would be listing them below with a little description just in case…

140 Character Limits Feature

Report has it that Twitter is making changes to its 140-character limit. This have been one major feature most Twitter junkies would surely love to see, considering the fact that they are been restricted on the usage of words on the platform. This way, you might get the chance to share an essay with your followers.

Replies and Mentions

The Twitter team have made it open that the @mention feature would no longer count among the character limits been offered to us by Twitter. This means you can tag the whole world and also share your content without thinking about the character limits.
Twitter believe these features would engage and boost more usage on the platform considering the fact that most users have always been restricted to the 140 limits giving them no other option than finding an alternative where they can share their thoughts without thinking about character limits.
Twitter updates

Re-tweet Button

The twitter team have also made a revamp on the re-tweet section. This obviously focuses on how tweets you re-tweet are displayed on your timeline. The Twitter guys feel there could be a better and more neater way to do this and i think they are right. The image below should tell you what they have planned for the re-tweet section.
retweet buttons
What is your take on these new features? Cool or Nay?



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