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Infographic: How Google GLASS Works

Since the tech giant Google launched it’s amazing GLASS project as one of the most innovative ideas when it comes to wearable computers. Many including myself were puzzled at the length they took their innovation to, this was the same feeling of many when the apple’s iWatch was announced.

Below is a brilliant infographic prepared by Martin Missfeldt. From his great effort you will find out he is absolutely no stranger to how this wearable technology works.

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how google glass works


      • I have heard about the getting kicked out of a restaurant due to privacy issues. I was more asking about having to wear my corrective glasses and putting google glass on top of my prescribed glasses

        • Hello KAPastor, you sure can put on a corrective glass and a Google glass. What has been available is only a prototype and they are still some very high security and privacy issues related with Google glass. A couple of days a lady was arrested for driving and putting Google glass, one of the charges was termed “distracted driving.” I am pretty sure before it is made commercially available, lot of these issues would be fixed. You wouldn’t want any anonymous dude taking a snapshot of you without your knowledge, there are some of the social threats, Google’s anticipated device could bring in technology’s name..


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