IPhone and IPad Apps For Real Estate Businesses : Must-have Apps for iOS Devices

There is no denying that technology can really help improve a business. This is especially true when it comes to the real estate business as smartphones and mobile tablets have changed the way realtors handle their business.

Using the iPhone and iPad apps listed below will help you run your real estate business smoothly and more efficiently.

Zillow App

This application is a nice tool to have for your real estate business as it allows you to view local homes for sale in your market. With the ability to research your local housing market on the go, you will be able to better serve your clients when meeting with them.

However, there are a few issues with this app that you need to deal with, which do not make it the best app of its kinds. For instance, the ads that appear within a search listing can make it difficult to find the actual listing agent for a property.

Once you get used to the layout and advertising within the app, you will be able to quickly navigate your way around this handy tool.

Trulia App

The Trulia app is very similar to the Zillow app in that it allows you to research your local real estate marketing.

However, the biggest different between the two apps is that the Trulia app is less cluttered, allowing you to find the information you are seeking such as the actual listing agent of a property.

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Realtor App

In all actuality, the Zillow app, Trulia app and Realtor app could all be lumped into one application as they all provide the same type of information.

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However, just like there is a difference between Trulia’s app and Zillow’s app, the Realtor app offers a different user experience as well.

The biggest difference between this app and the other two is the accuracy of the information. Since the data used by the Realtor app comes right from local MLS databases, the information contained in this app is sure to be the most accurate.

Using a combination of all three local real estate market research applications is probably the best plan of attack to take when running your own business.

OpenHouse Manager

This application is a terrific tool to use when looking to keep your contact information neatly organized. Whenever you host an open house, you can have your guests fill out the form on this app which will allow you to import that contact information into your marketing database for future correspondence.


The Keynote app is a useful application for realtors who like to give listing presentations. This application allows you to create a nice looking presentation to show your clients when they are interested in a specific property.

By using this app, you will appear cutting edge in the eyes of your clients, which can help you gain their trust when trying to position yourself as an industry expert.


DocuSign makes it incredibly easy to sign and distribute contracts electronically. When you use this particular app, you can rest easily knowing that you will always have the most up to date contracts with you at all times.

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No longer is there a need to carry around important contracts in a brief case. Simply use the DocuSign app to get the signatures of your clients.

LoopNet Commercial Real Estate Search

This real estate app is the commercial real estate equivalent of the Zillow or Trulia app. If you conduct business within the commercial real estate industry, the LoopNet app is an absolute must have if you want to run a successful commercial real estate business.

Incorporating technology into your real estate business is a wonderful way to streamline processes and efficiently handle some of the day to day administrative tasks.

By taking advantage of the iPhone and iPad apps listed in this article, you will be able to appear as a cutting edge real estate agent in your local market.

Post contributed by Ben Sawyer

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