See The Top Craziest "Surprise Deals" from MTN

The Telecommunication network space is becoming more competitive than we thought. Following the likes of Spectranet, Smile $G and other 4G network providers, it is really really becoming obvious that the space is not for the “Stingy heartened ” :D
Below is the list of the Top Craziest “Surprise  Deals from MTN.” Read, and Share with friends so they can tap into the blessing from MTN.

1. 750MB for N500

This plan would grant you a data of 750MB for just  N500 and you can opt for it by SMSing 103 to 131.This plan would also last you for 1 Week.

2.  50MB for N100

This plan would grant you a data of 50MB for N100 and you can take hold of this plan by SMSing 104 to 131.  This would last for 1 day.

3. 100MB data + N1950 to call Networks for N500

This plan would give you a data of 100MB and N1950 you can use to call all networks for just N500. This would last you for 1Week.

4. MTN 5GB for N2000

This plan would be giving you a 5GB data and would be charged N2000 for this. The screen shot below shows us a message as received from MTN. You can opt in for this deal by SMSing D2000 to 131.That should be after you must have recharged an airtime of N5000. This plan would last up till 1Month.
MTN 5gb for N2000

5. MTN 5gb + 6500 Worth of Airtime for N5000

This plan is similar to the one above but just that, instead of recharging with N2000, you might have to recharge with N5000 and then, you get a 5gb worth of data and N6500 Worth of airtime to Make calls to all networks.This plan would last up till 1Month.
MTN 5gb plus 6500 airtime
SO here we have it. What do you think? And have you opted in for any Deal? Tell us using the comment box below.

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