Run Multiple Accounts of Any App on Android

Seems major Tech Companies are beginning to see the importance of allowing users login with Multiple accounts starting from the latest Facebook Messenger update, to Twitter and Instagram, but there is still problem as some major apps which really needs the multiple account feature are still on a low-key.
If you are having similar problem as mine, and find it stressful logging in and out from one account to another, i think i have got a solution to that. People of Android, I present to You “Parallel Space”

About The Parallel Space App

Parallel Space is a “container” app for Android devices, it creates a virtualized, isolated environment and allows other apps to running inside.
1. Have multiple social accounts online simultaneously on one device, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, VK and even more.
2. Play two game accounts together to have more fun, like COC, COK and many other games.
3. Separate your work and personal apps and accounts.
4. (Future release) Have your little private space for your private apps and data.
5. More scenarios to be found.
As of 1.0.2002, Parallel Space has been translated to following languages: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, English, Italian, Hindu, Spanish, Russian
Welcome to help us translating Parallel Space:
>> Download The Parallel Space App Here
After installing Parallel Space which is just 2.3 MB in size, you can add any app you have installed on your phone to its dashboard. It will then ask you to configure a new account for these apps. I tried Whatsapp, Uber, LinkedIn, and they all worked well plus there are no limitations on the number of apps you can add
Got A Problem relating to the Parallel Space App? You can head over to their official Page for FAQs on  everything bothering you.

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