Spro Plus: a smart Android projector Announced By ZTE

ZTE has added another device to its ever expanding lineup of smart projectors. The company announced the Spro Plus portable smart projector, the follow up to the popular Spro 2. The Spro Plus features an 8.4″ AMOLED touch screen, 2K display, and a 12,100 mAh battery. ZTE will also offer the Spro Plus in WiFi only and WiFi + LTE versions.
To help you keep your picture straight, the Spro Plus will have improved vertical and horizontal keystones, as well as Laser Auto Focus to negate any blurry images. And, the Spro Plus projects a huge image too. Placing it only about 2.4 meters away from whatever you’re projecting on will get you an 80 inch image.
The Spro Plus comes with two 4 watt speakers in its JBL audio system. During your Skype conversations your associates will be able to hear you crystal clear due to the Harman sub-miniature microphones.

The ZTE Spro Plus will be available starting this summer.

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