11 Premier Google Search Algorithm Changes Infographics

As webmasters, following and adapting to every google update and various search algorithm changes is something we do from time to time. These updates will always affect numerous websites as they turn out to be what will determine your website position in SERP.

2013 was one of the craziest and most annoying for webmasters all over the world. Google delayed their toolbar pagerank update that normally happens every 3 months till almost a year.

I can account to about 4 niche bloggers that almost gave up the idea of continuing with their blogs majorly because of this delay and other google updates that catapulted their blogs to the tenth page in SERP.

The most annoying of this google updates and search algorithm changes happened around late August 2013. Google nicknamed the update “hummingbird“, almost every website was affected by this update, some went the positive direction, while the others was sent to oblivion.

I personally hand-picked this awesome video created by Globe Runner to better enlighten you on Google’s hummingbird update and how it affected search results in general.


To sum up all of these updates in one, here is a very  recent infographic created by the search engine experts from e2msolutions featuring 11 Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates or Changes that took place in 2013

Most Important Google Algorithm Changes

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Obasi Miracle
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  1. Idaerefagha Allison Idaerefagha Allison

    This guys really amaze me with their changes. Most blogs are often affected by these changes made and i bet you, some of the blog swingled from Pr3 to pr1. I hope these changes does not have any negative aftermath. Thanks @obasimiracle:disqus i will have to look into this specially

    • Wow! @idaerefaghaallison:disqus
      Thanks for visiting again after such a great while, not only blogs that were affected by this update. Almost all types of websites were affected too. These changes will only control what position you will show up in SERP

  2. Efoghor Joseph Ezie Efoghor Joseph Ezie

    Thanks to Google and its clean up efforts, otherwise the internet would be full of a lot of rubbish and frauds.

    We may hate Google for its bullying nature, but so far it has been able to use its strength and resilience to maintain a healthy system where there is decency.

    Obasi, thanks for this wonderful infographic! I really love it.
    Do have a lovely weekend.

    • You are very right about that bro, imagine how inaccurate the results will if those spammers and blackhat SEO are left with the upper hand

  3. I really don’t know this very well. Thanks for posting.

    • Its nice you checked out the infographics buddy

  4. The Mindset Warrior The Mindset Warrior

    I am very new to all of this but thank you for posting this :)

    • Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate your first comment on our blog

  5. nice one, that was a useful post, and interesting as I was curious as to what else had changed in the google game..

    • That’s just the feeling with every other webmaster Nick, we just get curious of the next update each time.

  6. Thanks for giving the timeline.. They make so many updates its hard to keep track.

    • It really is crazy how much they are changing everything

      • That’s so so true Kung


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