Will Smart Watches Fade Soon? See Why They May Not Last [InfoGraphics]

Almost every tech enthusiasts all over the world greeted the news of wearable computers with great excitement and extra happy feelings. I was very much concerned about privacy though, that is when google published the very first picture of their glass (see: how google glass works) , there were also many mixed reaction from I.T providers over the news of apple’s iWatch.

Today’s focus is specifically on Smart Watches that came to the scene with lots of promises but has failed to deliver much of that considering the hype surrounding the prices of these devices.

Smart Watches as defined by wikipedia is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping, and is often comparable to a personal digital assistant (PDA) device. Smart watches can basically perform fundamental tasks such as calculations, translations, game-playing and even advanced functions such as the ability to run applications [source].

Still confused about what smart watches looks like or how they can work so well?

You can take a glance through this awesome video uploaded by cnetuk that takes into account- four most exciting smart watches out there, including Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and other top options too.


Next in our list is this awesome infographics created by Lisa Hallgren of dpfoc, it takes into account; solid reasons why the smart watches might fade out or just time out on its own.

Feel free to drop your views concerning the points raised in this infographic as it is really thought-provoking from my own point of view.

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infographics about smart watches

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  1. I am not a fan of smart watches…

    • So many persons that I know shares the same opinion with you buddy

  2. Well, I must admit, when I first saw a Smartwatch I thought: this is just too ugly to wear. And too big. And probably too heavy. That being said, is anything really that important anyway? We got along for over 5,000 years without them! (actually when people come into our shop and they’re on their phone or they found us on google, I always ask What did we do before cell phones? and no one has an answer!!). I can absolutely guarantee I will not wear a Smartwatch.

    • Hi Tina,

      I’m happy to see you in our blog today, your contribution is really valuable to us

  3. Smart watches wont last because of the smart phones. no need for it on the watch.

    • an idea already shared by many

  4. smart watches are a waste of time lol


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