These 6 Productivity Apps are a Must-have for College Students

Being a student in the modern fast-paced world is not easy. The world around us is changing rapidly, and so does the field of education. Thus, to succeed, a student must keep up with these changes, stay focused, and, most importantly – be productive.

How to manage an intensive schedule and academic work when you are in college? To many students, it seems barely possible to get on the right track and perform well. Luckily, thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of tools that can ease students’ burdens, making them more productive and successful.

productivity apps for college students
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The Top Students’ Productivity Tools to Level Up Your Game

Have you been searching for the best productivity apps? Well, you must have come across plenty of options. However, how to know which ones are worth your attention and which aren’t? To help you out, we have created a list of the 6 most helpful productivity apps that will change the way you study once and forever:

1. Evernote

Storing all notes and managing them wisely plays a big role in your academic success. Thus, one of the best productivity apps all students should have in their toolkit is Evernote – the best app for taking and organizing notes.

The best thing about this application is that it is available on all major platforms and has a convenient synchronization feature that allows you to access your notes from multiple devices. Also, it has handy organizational features that help divide your notes into stacks by subject, priority, and other characteristics.

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Finally, Evernote allows sharing notes and collaborating on them with other users, which is also comes in handy in college.

2. EssayOnTime

The next app on our list is a real gold mine for college students. It is a professional academic writing service with a flawless reputation and lots of benefits to offer you. At this service, you can request any type of academic help, for example, get your statistics assignment help, order dissertation, term paper, or other assignments on any topic. Also, there are proofreading and editing services available.

On top of everything, EssayOnTime has plenty of additional tools for students, including a free plagiarism checker, grammar checker, reference generators for APA and Harvard styles, etc. Thus, if we are talking about the best productivity services for students, it is impossible to avoid mentioning EssayOnTime.

Unfortunately, at this time, students can only use the web version of this service. However, due to its popularity, we can probably expect an official app to be presented at some point in the future.

3. Pomodorio

Our next app is a perfect option for students looking to boost their productivity. The app offers you a convenient way to follow a famous Pomodoro technique to increase the effectiveness of the workflow.

The core idea behind this productivity technique is to divide the workflow into equal chunks of 25 minutes, during which you are supposed to focus on a specific task. Then, it implies taking a short 5-minute break before you can go to the next block of tasks. The duration of a break increases as you complete more tasks in a row.

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The Pomodorio app equips you with a convenient timer to track your blocks of tasks and distraction-blocking features to stay focused. It is a perfect companion for your study sessions!

4. Google Drive

Most of us know that every Google’s product is typically a blast. However, we have to give this company an extra credit for creating a fantastic assortment of productivity tools that will come in handy to everyone from college students to busy entrepreneurs.

Google Drive consists of a wide range of tools including calendar, docs, sheets, and more – all designed to make your everyday life and studies easier. The best thing about Google Drive is that it is free of charge, available on all devices, and fully synchronizable. Using this toolkit, you can keep all your documents, files, notes, due dates, and other things carefully organized and available on the go.

Another thing we love about Google Drive is that all of its tools have a convenient sharing feature that enables you to share and collaborate on different files with fellow students or even teachers.

5. StayFocusd

So, it is the time for another study session, you get to your laptop and promise yourself you will be effective. And next thing you know, a few hours later you are wasting your time on Twitter or YouTube. Sounds familiar, right? If so, don’t worry, you are not alone there.

Avoiding distractions today is hard as never. With such a wide range of social media channels and smart devices, staying focused on your tasks seems almost impossible. That’s why the StayFocusd is a must-have app for every student! This tool boosts your productivity by limiting the time you can waste on the Internet. It allows you to set the time during which the app will block out all distractions, letting you concentrate on your tasks.

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6. Quizlet

What is the hardest part of studying at college? For many young people, it is the time of preparation for exams. To many students, the test prep appears to be too stressful and time-consuming. However, what if we tell you that there is an app that can make this process easier?

Quizlet is a smart app created for studying and easier memorization of the educational material. It allows you to create handy flashcards and resources that make test prep easy and intuitive. Quizlet has a range of convenient features and a user-friendly interface that make it extremely useful. Thus, it is a tool that all students should keep at hand, especially when getting ready for exams.

The Bottom Line

Today, college students have access to a wide range of software, apps, and tools that have the potential to enhance their learning process. The best thing a student can do is to use the available resources to their benefit.

The apps from this list can all come in handy during your study sessions. Each of them was designed to help you organize the workflow and manage your time better, thus, making you more productive.

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