Spyic Review: A Spy App to Trust for Cell Phone Monitoring?

Spyic $39.99 to $69.99


Spyic is a utility parental control, cell phone monitoring, and spying software program that’s particularly advanced and works for everything phone monitoring for parents, employers, partners, etc.

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In recent times, internet utilization is a maximum commonplace, mobile phones or as we call them “cell phones” are commonplace amongst youngsters and they understand more about their telephones in preference to their parents. But as a parent or a partner, you may want to track the cell phone of your child or partner for you to recognize what they may be doing on their telephones and be conscious and seamlessly aware if they’re in chance to need some surveillance with a purpose to be blanketed from the perilous risks presented through the arena of technology.

Spyic Phone Tracker ReviewIn the above instances, you may need some sort of device that can help you to secretly tap on a person’s mobile telephone without permitting them to realize that they are being monitored.  Inside the race of all the mobile trackers and all the competition, Spyic is one of the best all-in-one utility that you may need to have with the intention to relentlessly and easily spy on a person for free. You can try any of these best spy apps to divulge more about this beneficial application.

Spyic Cell Phone Tracking App Overview

Spyic is a utility parental control, cell phone monitoring, and spying software program that’s particularly advanced for all of the people dealing stressfully with spying troubles and other issues.

They have been around for more than a decade and have got several users with many-a-positive stories to tell about their cell phone tracking tools. To me, nothing is like Spyic when it comes to tracking phones and tablet devices and you can be assured of that!

spyic review 2020

It’s far exceptional in its subject and holds a very high recognition among parents, employers, and other categories of users.

Hereunder are some of the large outlets where Spyic has been steadily featured in the past as a top-solid phone tracking app:

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  • New York Times
  • PC World
  • Business Insider
  • CNET
  • Life Wire
  • Tech Radar
  • The Verge
  • Forbes
  • Tech Advisor
  • Toms Guide
  • Mac World
  • 9to5Mac
  • New York Magazine and
  • Digital Trends

Spyic Features and Functionalities:

Spyic cell phone tracking app is cross-platform and as such easily accessible. It is
an internet-based solution and as such can be run without any other application. As a cross-platform app that works remotely,  it is able to work for Google Android, Apple iOS, and other popular operating systems.

To use Spyic, there is NO need to root or jailbreak the target phone. It works with the easiest setup process which does not drain the battery or launch too many background processes. The Spyic tracker tool goes clean on every smartphone and battery because it’s intuitive, user-friendly, and extremely lightweight.

Additionally, the minute size of this solution permits the fastest setup and also hides within the target cell phone to make sure of security and 100% assured privacy. Hereunder are some of the most striking features of the Spyic cell phone monitoring app.

  1. The Text-Spy Application:

spy on text messagesSpyic can help you track the messages on SIM through the dashboard on your
smartphone. You can effortlessly trace the messages that are
either dispatched or acquired by your target’s cell phone in conjunction with the telephone numbers of the people whom they target is sending messages to or receiving messages through.

2. Call Tracer:

check call historySpyic has the functionality to start call recording as well as give a hint of the numbers from which the call is being located on the target’s cell phone and whom they are speaking with. This unique option tracks the total incoming calls and the outgoing calls and subsequently, secures your information about the call pastime.

3. Location Tracking:

track cell phone location

The Spyic location trackers can actively report the real-time location of the tracked person and keep you aware of it. With the use of GPS, a live region/vicinity would be traced to the target cell phone. This process happens without the awareness or understanding of the target person, so you can effortlessly track the phone without them recognizing that they’re being monitored.

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4. Internet And Social Media Activities Tracking:

check browser historyWith Spyic social media tracking, one can know the tracked person’s activities on top social media sites and apps.  Spyic enables the function to divulge the social media accounts of the target individuals so that you can easily spy on them. This function additionally supports browser history checking and the exploration of the previous searches of the target

5. Installed Application Monitoring:

check installed appsSpyic, being a first-rate phone tracking software program allows you to check the complete
program of the target phone. Consequently, it enables you to track the programs on your
partner’s smartphone without their knowledge.

This function allows you to get the right of entry to all of the activities taking place or that could affect your relationship negatively.

Spyic Pricing and Availability

Spyic pricing starts from $39.99 for the basic plan and goes all the way to $69.99 for the family plan that can be used on 3 different devices. Every of their pricing plans come with support for tracking call logs, real-time location, browser history, photos, text messages, contacts, bookmarks, and videos preview.

Although none of their pricing plans require jailbreak or root access, you will need iCloud login credentials of the target iPhone (for iOS devices) or Physical access to the target Android phone (for Android devices) to complete the tracking setup.

It is available for free download on any of your favorite phone app store. PC, Web, or internet users can also use Spyic directly from their website at spyic.com.

How to Use Spyic Mobile Tracker App

Here are the steps to use Spic cell phone tracker for all your parental control or mobile phone monitoring needs:

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Step 1: Create A Free Spyic Account, It’s free and can be completed within a few minutes.

spyic sign-up process

You can sign-up for a free Spyic trial account by visiting their website or by downloading their mobile app from Google play store or the Apple iTunes store. Once logged in, you can activate the phone spy features and start monitoring the activities that your partner or employee is doing without your permission or knowledge.

Step 2: Fill the forms and Options.

verify iCloud ID

Once you’re done creating the account, the next step is to fill the correct values in the form and boxes which are shown on the next screen/window.

While the forms for Android users are a bit more straightforward than that of iOS, iPhone users would need to enter the iCloud credentials and also fill the boxes between
the specified credentials which allow you to get the Spyic utility app fast and running on the target smartphone. You will also see the boxes to fill for more information, statistics, and other functionalities.

Step 3: Start enjoying the app for all your cell phone tracking needs.

Spyic Installation Guide

Once step 1 and 2 above is fully completed, you can  Spy and seek the target
cell phone without the user knowing that you are monitoring their online activities.

Every one of the aggressive tools and features of Spyic utility program will assist you to seize or catch your cheating partner or accomplice and also helps you to take proper precaution before something terrible or typically inevitable happen.

In Conclusion:

Spyic is a useful cross-platform utility app to track phone and tablet devices. You can install this highly classical application to get the taste of the best spying experience in your lifetime. Spyic is already famed and recognized for its brilliance and authenticity. It is one of the best and top-rated software that deludes your target person through stealth and discloses all of the problems going on inside their phones.

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  1. its works only call records ,text, location history, video’s and photos’ only other social apps doesn’t work for IOS & ANDROID higher version. The support also not available online and through chat. whatever the spic claim is not true

  2. Don’t use this app if you have an iPhone. It will not work and there tech support has condescending dishonest thieves that will cheat you out of part of your money to make themselves feel superior. This is a scam.


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