Shazam Now Allows You Have Access to Google Play Music

If You are an Android User who loves music, you probably must have heard of Shazam App. But just in case my guess is wrong, Shazam is an Android App you can use for analyzing and recognizing songs and then feed the information to users. How you might be asking?
With the Shazam App, let me say you heard a song playing in a Taxi and would really like to download the song but you tried checking and there is sign of getting a name and then you meet the driver for help and he tells you “I don’t know who sang it O!” and finally, as condition would have it, it is being played from a radio station. Acckkk that could be painful but with this App, you can connect your phone by placing it close to the song and boom, you have the needed details you desire. Awesome i guess?
The good news is, Shazam will now let you have access to google play music with all it’s great features fully packed. Through this new update, users can now have access to google play music App without stress. This is a feature which have actually been supported for other Music services like Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora and so many more. With this new update, Users can be able to analyze a song and also get access to the songs via Google play music where they can buy or rate the song.
On a second thought, this update will benefit Shazam more as users with play music might be more inclined to try out Shazam since they get to analyze and also purchase a song if they please.To help drive the installs for Shazam and new users for Play Music, Google is running a promotion in partnership with Shazam that gives users a three-month trial of Play Music unlimited that normally costs $9.99 a month, and instead of the traditional $10 they’ll only have to pay $1 to test things out for 90 days.
And now the sad news…
Google’s promotion would not actually be supported in all countries as few countries where selected to take part in this offer. These countries ranges from those in the U.S., Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Czech Republic.
Though this isn’t cool, let’s see if this is a gradual update.
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