MDD Hosting Review: 10 Solid Reasons to Switch to them

MDD Hosting
  • Security and Uptime
  • Tech Support
  • Pricing
  • Perforamnce


MDDHosting is a rock-solid web hosting company founded in 2006 by Michael Denney. They offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting.


  • Rock-solid server and value for money
  • Customer-oriented support
  • Great server performance and good uptime
  • Instant setup and free migrations


  • Could improve on the storage space allocated to accounts
  • Could improve on their VPS pricing model
  • 1GB storage space is too miserly for most WordPress blogs.
  • Altering prices (mostly during promo sales) incessantly could be a turn off to most users.
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I usually do not make reviews with affirmative heading as this except for services I trust. The last time I made a review like this was when I wrote about Namesilo some two years ago.

Up till now, I have no single complain from Namesilo users that started using their services because of our recommendation.

In this post, I’ll be making a short review of MDD Hosting services, our reasons for moving our most important websites to them and why we think you should make the move as well.

MDD Web Hosting Review

MDD hosting is not like your everyday EIG hosting companies that promises unlimited everything but never lives up to any of it.

We have had our fair share of horrendous hosting experiences in the past and sure knows what it means to host a serious website on a pathetic server.

Our move to MDD hosting services was a huge decision that paid off enormously. After our below-par experiences with business class plan and VPS hosting servers from Arvixe and Bluehost respectively, we narrowed down our search to Squidix and MDD Hosting.

While was hosted on MDDHosting shared server, and the other website was hosted on Squidix VPS and Semi-dedicated servers.

We monitored both websites for months and settled for the MDDHosting services for our main websites and Squidix as the backup option.

Below is the summary of our experiences since moving to MDDHosting.

On their shared plans

mdd hosting review

As already stated above, we started out with the MDD hosting shared server hosting plans and must say that it was a commendable experience all through.

Their support team swung into action after verifying our order and completed the migration from our old host to their server within a few minutes.

To be honest here, their support was really fast and amazing, I doubt there are other hosting companies that betters them in this department.

Another aspect we will like to talk about is the lack of ads and distractions in their default cpanel skin. Most host will normally up-sell services via their default interface while some will go as far as placing ads in your error pages.

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This is not the case with MDD hosting, they are more interesting in customer’s satisfaction than they are with making undue profit.

Every other thing was perfect, except for the about 5 minutes down-time we noticed on the fifth day, which is normal with shared server hosting.

We do not have a single dissatisfaction with their shared server yet and can fully recommend it to anyone in search of a reliable, secure and solid hosting company to host with.

On their Semi-dedicated plans

mdd hosting premium server review

Their Semi-dedicated server hosting is code-named Premium Hosting and is suitable for websites that needs more resources to power their huge audience.

Two of our websites are hosted in this category and no single down-time have been recorded yet. We were able to run the resource-demanding broken links checker and thumbnails regenerating plugins without issues.

Even though we removed the bloated plugins after testing their server tolerance, we must say that it was a big step up from what we are used to at Siteground premium plans.

In summary, MDD hosting premium plan is worth every penny paid for it, even though we’ll normally advice you start up with their shared servers and upgrade to premium servers only when your website needs extra resources, we must confess that it was the real deal for us.

MDD Hosting Review Summary

MDDHosting is so far our most preferred choice for hosting our client’s website. Their servers are lightning fast, rock-solid and gives steady peace of mind.

MDD web host uses the award-winning LiteSpeed server and solid-state drive (SSD) to deliver the most brilliant hosting experience to every of their customer.

Their support staff is very efficient and works round the clock to give real technical approach to challenges. You’ll be amazed at the speed with which the MDD hosting staff uses to resolve real hosting problems; sometimes, you’ll be attended to in less than three (3) minutes with the real solution and not just some random links that leads to no where reasonable.

You can hardly get this kind of support elsewhere, except you opted in to their VIP or priority support program. MDD Hosting gives their 175% in helping their clients resolve real challenges irrespective of the time.

10 Solid Reasons to make the Switch

In this part, I will point you to some of the features that makes MDD host stand out from the rest, and why you should consider them for your next hosting adventure.

mdd hosting infrastructure

1. Speed

No doubt, MDDHosting servers are top-notched and hardly over-sold, this may account to the deep improvement we noticed on moving our website to it.

MDDHosting servers are usually powered by the award-winning LiteSpeed technology and the solid-state drives. This is a shift from the mundane Apache servers we’ve been used to all these years.

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2. Resources

At MDD Hosting, you are allowed to have as much as 25 Concurrent MySQL Connections in their shared plans and 50 in their semi-dedicated plans.

This is just enough to run your website comfortably without those annoying server (C.P.U) load notification and frequent service suspension.

3. Support

This is the killer feature with MDD web host; after security and reliable infrastructure, the next big thing to expect from your hosting company is customer-oriented support.

MDD Hosting wins in this department with a huge margin. I can’t really tell, if it is because of their pricing system that scares the bad guys away; hence, making the place a haven for everyone else or because of the number of staff on their support desk.

One thing I have noticed so far, is that; there isn’t any one complaining about MDD hosting support. This is because their tech support team works round the clock to keep their customers happy.

4. Solid Infrastructure

MDD hosting uses one of the best configured server system around, a pure solid-state type drive (SSD) and the LiteSpeed technology to power your websites.

A server built with Dual Xeon Quad Core processors (8 cores) and a minimum of 12 gigabytes of ram is sure going to serve a busy website without issues.

5. Transparent Business Model

Upselling tactics and unattainable promises is what most host uses to grow their client’s base, but the guys at MDD hosting isn’t into such dirty games.

Even though they look a bit pricey on the surface, their promised disk space, uptime and bandwidth availability is usually guaranteed.

Their server limitations, capabilities and storage allowance is spelled out in clear terms without any form of ambiguity. At MDD hosting, you’ll always get the service you paid for and can upgrade, downgrade or even cancel the service at any time without hassles.

6. Daily Backup

MDD hosting offers an automatic daily backup protection for all their plans, this makes it easy to restore your website to a stable state if anything goes wrong along the line.

They make use of the award-winning R1Soft Continuous Data protection technology to deliver this backups on a separate server and lets it work even for their standard shared hosting plans.

7. Low Payout to Affiliates

A lot of persons may not understand why this is a determining factor, a lot of marketers aren’t interested in promoting a host that pays next-to-nothing to their affiliates. This is the reason there are so many fake reviews out there.

MDD hosting is not in the business of attracting junks, a lot of persons that joined their services were either via word-of-mouth or direct recommendation. They spend more on improving their services than they spend on shameful promotions.

8. Good Uptime

Prolonged downtime irrespective of how frequent it occurs is like a nightmare to every serious business, it can lead to lost of clients, important messages (email) and SERP position.

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Good uptime is one of the outstanding feature of MDD hosting, we have only had a single case of about 5 minutes downtime since we started hosting with them.

You can hardly go wrong with a qualifying plan at MDD web host as their support, speed and server Uptime is usually amazing.

9. Cpanel

Cpanel is the industry standard software for managing hosting dashboard. Most host would normally complicate the default interface by installing ads and upselling services.

This isn’t the case with MDD Hosting, they kept everything simple, user-friendly and free from annoying ads. You will get also get access to the one-click-installer tool that lets you install WordPress, SMF, Joomla and other content management systems (CMS).

Another amazing feature that comes with their dashboard is the ability to install private and/or shared SSL certificate easily from the cpanel without paying extra fees.

Unlike Hostgator where cloudflare is hidden and similar service sold as a separate plan, MDD hosting lets you use cloudflare and all of its optimization features without leaving your website control panel.

10. Instant Setup and Free Migrations

This is another reason to consider this guys; they are amazing at providing quick setup and free migration to all new customers.

You wouldn’t be waiting on an endless queue for days to get your account migrated from your old host. Ours was done and completed in few minutes. All we did was to send old hosting details and had them migrate us to their fast servers in a few minutes.

What More?

We have shared our review and experiences with MDD hosting as well as given 10 solid reasons to make the switch. The ball ‘s now in your own court to decide what plan and services to go with.

MDD hosting lets you try their services for 30 days without commitment. There is an unconditional hassle-free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with all their hosting plans. This will let you play around the platform and leave if there is any fault within the 30 days trial period.

New users of MDD hosting services can enjoy a 50% OFF discount (pay halve the price of hosting) if they use the “WHT50” coupon code and 10% off live-time recurring discount if they use the “monster10” coupon code.

In all, their sign up process is easy, all you need do is – visit their homepage, select the server type your business needs, place your order and enter the coupon codes before checkout.

Feel free to ask us questions about MDD hosting services and/or any other hosting service you use. We are open to technical support on hosting and web programming.

[Click to Visit MDDHosting Homepage]


MDDHosting now offers completely free SSL Certificate (lets you use the secured https:// protocol)  via the let’s Encrypt free Cpanel plugin module (accessible from your cpanel dashboard).

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  1. This company had an outage for 5 days, a screwup on their part erasing all the servers, and then not being able to restore accounts. I already pre-paid and I kindly asked for a refund of my remaining months. They refused and offered me credits. I ended up losing 2 customers because their sites and emails were down for 5 days. The least they could have done was to help me out and refund the remaining months. I don’t recommend this service at all to anyone!

    • Hi Anthony,

      I had the same problem as you considering that some of our websites are hosted with them. But looking at the level of the disaster, they did try their best in restoring all accounts from their off-server backup.

      I followed the disaster recovery thread religiously and didn’t see any where they had issues restoring the accounts of any server. Were your accounts not restored from the off-server backup(s)?

      Considering refunds, no hosts offers full refund for accounts that have stayed beyond the money back guarantee period (mostly 14 to 90 days), except they have a policy of “any time” money back guarantee. The best they can do is to – refund the remaining months as a hosting credit.


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