Songify mobile app turns you into a musician in 1click (Auto Tune)

Yeah, you always wonder how those musicians you see on TV sing so good, some times you even wonder if they are from this planet, earth. Well, you wonders ends here.

SONGIFY is an  android  application that immediately turns you into a musician in a matter of seconds. It literally turns Speech into Music. All you have to do is say the words you like to be in the song and it would put the instrumental, rhyme, and even do extra mixing for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a crappy voice as this Android Music Tool auto tunes your voice to the finest there is in the music industry. I almost landed a record label deal using this amazing android application to sing and make my own songs. The good part is IPad, Ipod and Iphones users are not left out. They can also get this app from itunes. To get this application simply click the link below or goto the Play Store on any Android Device and Search Songify.

Here are some features of this apps

1.  Automatically  share your recorded song on  Facebook, twitter, etc

2.  Auto tune: It also gives you the best auto tuned voice

3. Also get the best play back quality

4. Record a new song with just one click

No need to find instrumental to use, this app provides the instrumental

5.Save your recorded songs in MP3 format

Have fund tricking your friends t thinking you are a good singer using this app. You can now stop training your voice and start using songify auto tune android, Iphone, Ipad and Ipod app to impress your friends,  colleges, classmates etc.

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  1. Great one,,thanks for all ur help its really been helpful

  2. Naija wey musicians don full B4, well nice app. Me sef go soon release single

  3. Cool what of the BB app…

  4. Nice one guy, yu too much

  5. It doesn’t work on blackberry, all same nice app but I will like to ave It on my bb.

  6. Δήτε-Nattans

    Aweesome, can’t wait to get another android… :'(

  7. Ajenifuja Yunus

    You guys are awesomely awesome.

  8. Lol. Funny but cool. Producers will probably need to sit tight. Just wish it works on BB make I try am out.

  9. Hmmmm! I no fit shout, nice one. Off wit ma 1st single!

  10. No it doesn’t work on blackberry

  11. Its not yet been developed for blackberries

  12. I no fit shout! Nice jab. 1st single on track!

  13. can’t wait to download it


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