If you want traffic; don’t use fonts, Use TypeFonts

What makes a user interface interesting?

Ask this question from as many people as you like. The more you will ask, the more you will know that the success of a user interface depends on how that communicates with audience.

Elements like fonts, color scheme, graphical contents, wire frames, and special effects work collaboratively for communicating with viewers until the visitor get to textual contents.

It works in the first five seconds of a visit at a website. The sites made using CMS as WordPress can be adorned with multiple type fonts and creative custom fonts. And, using typography is not tough with some exclusive plugins. Here is a list of 5 special typography plugins to adorn a WP site with impressive type fonts.

Don’t Crap Your Site with Fonts

Well, you should take it as an advice because the user interfaces are going through the phase of transition. They are evolving with every passing second. You will be mesmerized with the beauty of some typography using websites. It becomes important and comfortable if you are using any CMS in your website. For example, you can check below mentioned websites. These sites are known for their high user experience level. So, you can now check these sites.







Few other sites presented in the images below

obasimvilla.com lecture on best fonts type

the technology blog

typography tutorials


Best Technology blog



It is an excellent dynamic text replacement plugin, which lets you replace your header with the impactful images of your custom fonts. You just need to understand the operation and execution process of this tool before installing in your WP site. Users, aware with Image headlines plugins can easily use this plugin.

TTFTitles plugin preview


Well, you will definitely fall in love with this plugin as it allows you to readily replace the fonts of your wordpress CMS powered website with dynamically created images (TrueType/OpenType). Technically, this plugin do not disturb the source code of your textual and graphical contents in any way. Therefore, you will not have to face the search engine after adding new creative fonts.

Drop Caps

Drop Caps wp plugin preview

People love the drop cap effect in printed articles of newspapers and magazines. The online readers are still associated with physical copies. So, if you want your readers to give the experience of print in online version with a drop cap effect then this plugin can help you. It can allow you to enhance the first capital letter of your sentence up to second line.

WP Typography

WP Typography plugin preview

It is like a one stop solution for typography effects, especially for WP sites. It comes with hyphenation, spacing control, forced internal wrapping of long URLs, and CSS hooks for styling ampersands.

Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress

Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress preview
You can use this plugin for adding typography effects in your website. It will help you in dealing with multiple languages. Moreover, it is very lightweight tool.

So, you can use these plugins in your website for increasing the overall impressions of your website. While installing pictures, you should make sure that the plugins should be tested twice.


Post contributed by John Pitt of hire WordPress Programmers Services.


  1. This information was a bit over my head at this point, but you sure look like you know what you’re doing. I’m sure many will have great success with the value you’ve provided.

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    Thanks for sharing Obasi, I just read your interview on Joseph’s blog, nice one bro. keep it going.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog today Shamsudeen, frankly speaking, many starters will have difficulty at first understanding this whole stuff, but with little more detailed attention will definitely see how it works.

      Thanks for mentioning my interview on Joseph’s blog too, it is so wonderful having you around today bro. Hope you do have the best weekend already


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