Top 6 Reasons why a bad host mustn’t be used for your blog or website

Bad host is one of those things that makes your blog dwarfy, stagnant and boring irrespective of the number of post, backlinks and advertisement you have made in respect of it. I am writing from experience and knows quite well that what I am writing is just the plain truth and must be used as an admonition for those young bloggers who are starting out new or those planning to start a blog of their own.

Website Hosting tipsThe issue of bad hosting companies and providers has been a very disturbing one not mentioning that the number of such hosting firm has risen to all times high, probably ‘cos every tom, dick and harry now parades himself as a hosting services provider since all they need is just under $20 to create a reseller hosting account of their own .

Over the years we have had several number of businesses dwarfed ‘cos of bad hosting companies same as top blogs that has suffered in the hands of this silly hosting providers that lacks what quality or finance it takes to maintain a solid and trustworthy hosting firm.

Here in this article we have outlined few and urgent reasons why you must run away from bad hosting companies.

Negative Effects of bad Host On your Blog / Company Website :

  • Prolonged Downtime

No body will take a blog with too many downtime in a week seriously irrespective of the content on them. Even google and other popular search engines will hate your blog for having too many down time or poor loading.

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  • Lost of Loyal Readers

There are millions of blogs worldwide and thousands of them are writing better content than yours, why will someone who bookmarked your blog on first visit not delete it from their bookmark list or increase your blog bounce rate when slow response (poor loading time ) and server error forces them to wait for 15 minutes each time they try reading articles on your blog or contents on your website ?

  • Lost of Page-Rank, Serp, Domain Rank  and Reputation

This could be very dis-heartening seeing your work of many years go down the drain without many a tangible benefit. Practically speaking, no search engine will take a site with too many downtime seriously irrespective of the contents on the site. Google will push you very low on search results (SERP ranking system), demote your pagerank, alexa rank of the site will drop and finally your site overall reputation will surfer.

  • Lost of Possible Prospective Advertisers  

All the troubles that comes with bad host will even make you loose potential advertisers that would have supported your blog one way or the other . Most advertisers are not patient enough to hear those boring excuses as to the reasons why your awesome site goes offline too often

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Concluding Lines : You have read through Signs of a bad host, dangers of using bad host and reasons why most people fall for bad host right ? the question that must be running through your mind now is the reasons why we didn’t point out some good host for you, well the comment section will be good for that, there is still remedy for those of us who are already using bad hosting company for their sites, you can easily move your site to a new host by finding a hosting company that offers free site transfer together with other great features in their various hosting plans .

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Obasi Miracle
Obasi Miracle is one of the brains behind 3rd Planet Techies. A webdesign afficionado and IT Support brain-box, he flourishes and revel in helping many-a-techies in their aspiration to become the best they can.


  1. Good information and good job

  2. Thank You
    As talked in the previous another blog the host is like a foundation for the building of your site.If the base is been found weak,slow and not stable that there are less chances of development on it.I have seen many cheap host providers who have over taken or captured the websites of many Webmasters after certain time,Its must to get a good host .

  3. This topic reminds me of all the incidents that has happened to me within the past four months as a result of my host. My stuffs were not backed up and my blog crashed.I thought my back was going to be ok until i checked and it was corrupt. I almost cried and i am still crying even uptil today. If you host does not do you well, please change now

    • I am sincerely sorry for all the troubles you passed through Robinson, it could be that bad at times. This is while I keep reminding most newbies that it is definitely not all about how cheap the hosting service is but how well they deliver as promised.
      I also had my own woes while using hosting services for one of my blog that never did see the light of the day till now.
      Running from bad hosting providers should be done just as fast as we do to that of spammers

  4. This is really great! It’s very informative. People can really learn something from this. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Theodore Nwangene Theodore Nwangene

    A very awesome article Miracle,
    The web host you choose for your blog is really one thing that will determine the success or failure of your blog therefore, its of utmost importance that you pay much attention on that.

    I’m saying this because I’ve once been a victim of this bad host of a thing. I’m sure this will aid many newbie bloggers to know what and what not to go for as far as hosting is concerned.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

    • You did so well dropping by Theodore, newbies always get inspiration from past fellows who might have had such experiences.

      This is why I can never vague for most local hosting companies as they can be very frustrating at times.

      thanks for checking out the tips though

  6. Hi Obasi,

    One notable attribute of a bad host is their poor customer service. I once had such horrible experience before migrating to the present host provider I’m using.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • That is very true Olukunle, the kinda support you get from bad hosting companies can be so frustrating at times, I can’t exempt myself from such ‘cos I have also had a bad host at a time like that.
      hope you won’t mind sharing your current host with us?

  7. Great post Obasi:)) I have visited some sites on many occasions where I have given up because of slow loading time. Drives me nuts. Thankyou for sharing:))

  8. Thankfully this is not a worry for me with my blogging platform. Thanks for another great post!

    • Thanks for checking out the tips Karen, even though ‘t has nothing to do with your current hosting plan

  9. Did I just read about bad hosting companies? I really hate them, hosting companies when bad can ruin your business online. I remember the bad time I had with one Nigerian host, i’m glad I had to move from them.Thanks for sharing Obasi.

    • Oscar, Thanks for finding time out of your busy schedule to drop this valuable comment on the negative effects of using a bad hosting for one’s blog or website.

  10. Bad hosting is definitely a problem for many reason…but I like yours. Thanks!

    • Thanks for Liking our blog Steve, do take have a very great week ahead

  11. This can tear down any business… always choose a good host!

  12. Hi Obasi,

    You are absolutely right – there is a lot that can happen if you choose a bad hosting company, which you aptly mentioned above. And if you lose your precious readers or the others who visit your blog, or the first time visitors, rest assured, they are gone forever.

    Luckily for me, even though I’m not all that happy with my site loading time, but I do keep trying ways and means thatI know of and try to change things. I guess that doesn’t have anything to do with the hosting company, but other things we have on our site. However, it does become tough at times to know which hosting company is better than the other, with so many cropping up daily. But I guess you go with the one that suits your requirement and funds available – isn’t it? More so, if the support systel is good, I think you are in good hands and that’s the foremost thing I see.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Thanks for your very much valuable comments Harleena Singh, Our budgets and basic requirements always controls our choice for a hosting plan. But this days there are a lot of reviews to help keep us away from the bad ones.

      Do have a great week ahead

  13. great tips on the importance of using a good host, thanks Obasi!

  14. Thats 100% true, I had my blog’s traffic from US, and most of the people complained about the speed issue, and when you write lots of content on a bad hosting, you get a problem of migrating and data transfer etc.

  15. There wouldn’t be problem if these are the only bad side of bad host,the biggest problem would come if you they can’t even get you a backup after they suspend or delete your blog for no rreason

    • That is definitely a very big issue Ebima, when your host refuses to keep a backup copy of your website it becomes a very big problem.

      This is the reason why I don’t fail to recommend great web hosting companies like arvixe to my friend’s ‘cos they always effect do a steady free backup service for your blog and websites


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