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Dwolla payment system

Top 10 ways to take Business Payment Systems into the 21st Century

Business in the 21st century is quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Long gone are the days where people would barter and haggle at the point of sale; long gone are the days...
yudala offline outlets in Nigeria

Yudala & Slot Offline Retail Shops in Nigeria: Their Branches in Full

Here's bringing to you the complete list of Yudala and Slot.ng Offline Retail Shops and branches in Nigeria. This will help you find the addresses of stores and pick-up centers closest to you.  Yudala recently...
buy recharge card via a USSD code

How to Buy Airtime from your Bank Account: USSD Code for all Banks

Last time on 3rd Planet Techies, I compiled a comprehensive list of mobile banking apps download link for all Nigerian Banks, but will be talking about how to buy Recharge Card for all banks...
Latest Xiaomi Mi 20000mAh power bank review

Original Xiaomi Mi 20000mAh Power Bank from Gearbest Hands-on Review

Mobile power banks are fast becoming inevitable for our power-hungry smart devices, especially when traveling or on a long transit. Xiami phones and accessories are top-notched and usually sold out in few days after launch,...
NaWhere.ng set to end fuel queue

NaWhere.ng Introduction: An Online Gas Filling Stations Directory

Nawhere.ng platform is going to be another game-changer just like AbokiFX has been to us for the period. The sweetest part of these lovely projects is that young Nigerians initiated them. NaWhere.ng web app set...