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Fix Pandora Not Working Errors

7 Ways to Fix Pandora Not Working Errors Easily

Are you having issues with Pandora mobile app or seeing the dreaded Pandora not Working error messages? Here are some tricks to get it all fixed up in a few minutes. For those hearing about...
How to Create a Professional Logo Free on Android Devices

How to Create Professional Logo on Android with DesignEvo Logo Maker

If you run a small business or startups, a unique logo may be important for you to be successful. It would be costly for you to hire a professional designer to get a logo....
how to get unlimited love riddles

Top 7 Apps to Get Unlimited Love Riddles

One of the best ways to keep your relationship lively, romantic and enjoyably heavenly is by saying or sending romantic/sweet love messages and riddles to your partner. Regular lovely text messages and love riddles...
gmail hack prevention tips

15 Gmail Password Hack Prevention Tips for Securing Google Accounts

Last time here on 3ptechies, we talked about best dropbox hack prevention tips and will like to discuss about Gmail password hack prevention tips today. We all know that staying secured while online is a...
leago z6 Android 6.0 Smartphone

Leagoo Z6 Android 6.0 Smartphone Review, Features and Price

Leagoo is a fast-rising MTK powered Android device manufacturer headquartered in China. The company has come up with a lot of low-end and mid-range Android devices. The Leagoo Z6 model is one of the...