15 Gmail Password Hack Prevention Tips for Securing Google Accounts

Last time here on 3ptechies, we talked about best dropbox hack prevention tips and will like to discuss about Gmail password hack prevention tips today.

We all know that staying secured while online is a top priority for persons and businesses and that Gmail is one of the most-used email services provider.  So, we have decided to share some useful tips on how to protect your Gmail account password from being tampered with.

Top 15 Gmail Password Hack Prevention Tips

Using these solid tips will help protect and guard your Gmail against hacks and strange use by malicious persons. You can suggest more Gmail password hack prevention tips by using the comments box below.

#1. Use a very strong password

Amongst all other tips that would be shared in this article, this is the most important one that must never be ignored. When creating your Gmail account, it is advisable to use a very strong password at that first stage. You can possibly use the combination of words, symbols, UpperCase and numbers at the same time provided you’ll be able to remember it.

Choosing a strong password that can not be guessed easily is the best way to keep your Gmail account safe and secured. It is better to use password management tools like lastpass than use an unsecured password for your Gmail account.

#2. Activate/Enable two-step verification

Two-step verification makes it difficult for hackers and those using email proxy services from gaining access to your Gmail account. This is because your cell phone is needed to login from another device or location.

To enable two-step verification for your Gmail account: Login to your Google account and ==> click on settings or simply copy and paste this link to your browser’s address bar.

Locate the Sign in & Security tab and then click to activate 2-step verification. See screenshot below for a pictorial guide.

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gmail password hack prevention tips

This feature makes it really tough and impossible for any to access your Gmail account without your consent.

#3. Set up additional email and phone number

Adding a secondary email address as a recovery email can also help to keep you updated whenever there is a suspicious activity detected on your primary account. Normally when this happens, a notification will be sent to the secondary email address. This way, you are assured that your primary Gmail account is well safe and secured.

To set a secondary email, simply follow the steps I stated above in setting 2-step verification, the option is just below the 2-step verification row.

#4. Always update your password at intervals

Even when you are sure that no one else knows your account password, it is advisable to always update your Gmail password at regular intervals. Could be monthly, quarterly or yearly intervals.

Internet fraudsters and hackers are now so advanced that if you don’t adjust your security settings you are likely to fall a victim to them.

#5. Do not always connect to open networks

When you connect to open networks, every user on that network can possibly get every details and information saved on your computer.

If for any reason, you must use such networks or public wi-fi, always connect to them via a secured VPN client or a dedicated email proxy service.

#6. Do not store spam messages

Whenever you receive messages with any of these headlines:

  • money is waiting for you
  • Make money online without working
  • Download this file to become a billionaire overnight
  • Job offer from a billion dollars company you never applied to
  • Open to see the contract details and etc.

Simply delete them immediately, so there’s no chance of mistakenly clicking on the malicious phishing link(s) that’s embedded in them. You can go a step further by also removing them from the trash folder. Always ensure that your Email account is free from spam messages.

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#7. Do not click on “Save Passwords”, “Remember Passwords”, etc. when you’re browsing in a café

These days almost all web browser will ask you to save your passwords whenever you log in from a new computer.

Once you are accessing your Gmail from a public center, open wi-fi, coffee shop or a cyber café, do not choose save for the password prompts. It can expose your account to hacks and malicious tampering.

#8. Use long passwords

Crazy as it may seem, you can never go wrong with a very long password that’s difficult to guess. You can use anything from 13 to 18 characters and ensure they aren’t easy to guess by a third party.

#9. Minimize 3rd party apps connected to your account

Nowadays, many apps and platform offer the option for its users to register or log in using their Google account. This can be very risky at times, especially when the app or platform is not a trusted one. Always be careful/mindful of the 3rd party apps you grant access to your email account details.

You can manage apps that are connected to your Gmail by going to the settings page and then click on “manage connected apps”

#10. Never ignore Googles’ security update mails

Google would always send you a mail once their system detects that your account is under danger or logged in from a different IP address.

Whenever you see these type of messages/notifications from Google, do not take it lightly except if you are so sure of what really happened.

#11. Always sign out from a shared device or computer

Each time you visit the café or access your mail from a device or computer that is not yours, always be sure that you log out or sign out once you are done with whatever you were doing. Failure to sign out, the owner of the computer or device can tamper with your account and you’ll end up being HACKED OUT!

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#12. Always track your log in activities

The option to do this located at the bottom left of the Gmail window. check the screenshot below.

gmail attack prevention tips

When you click on the details; it shows the log in times and activities that happened on your account within a specified time range.

#13. Do not write your Gmail password or details anywhere

Your password should be something you can remember off hands. Do not write down the details of your Gmail account even on your diary, it is not SAFE there! It might get lost someday or gets into a wrong hand.

#14. Use VPNs and Private browsers

The best way to stay safe while accessing your Gmail from a public network (open wi-fi, hotels, coffee shops and etc.) is to use strong VPNs or browse incognito. This way, nobody can gain access to your personal information and details by tracking your browsing activities.

#15. Use trusted web browsers and dedicated Gmail app (for mobile)

In case you don’t know, your web browser knows pretty much about you. You have to be very careful on the web browser you are using to get access to your Gmail account. Also, on your mobile phone, ensure you use the dedicate Gmail mobile app instead of 3rd party email management apps.

Wrap Up:

You’ve seen these 15 solid tips on how to keep your Gmail account safe and secured. It is created to help you prevent Gmail password hacks and malicious attacks from internet fraudsters.

All the tips shared here do not require any third-party involvement like browser add-on and the rest: they are 100% guaranteed safe practices. We wish you’d never ever get hacked after reading through these solid Gmail password hack prevention tips.

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