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How to Play GBA and Other Retro Games on PC

How to Play GBA and Other Retro Games on Your Computer

Hello, welcome to 3rd planet techies. Today, I'll like to show you how to play game boy advance (GBA) and other really interesting retro games on your desktop, laptop and/or other personal computer machines. ...
How to Make Excel and Gmail Your Most Powerful Marketing Tools

The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Getting More out of Mail Merge in 2019

Hello, I am here to share the smart marketer's guide to getting more out of Mail Merge in 2019. It is a timely guide for anyone that's interested in improving their digital marketing skills...
why startup fails

Top Reasons Why Most Startups Die in their First Year

Cold statistics say that 90% of startups fail. The truth is sobering, but don't let it discourage you on your way to your dream business. Take it rather as a reminder of continuous self-analysis,...
How to Improve Offshore Development Teams Work

How to Improve Offshore Development Teams Work with Agile Techniques

The efficiency of a development team significantly depends on the implementation of the right coördination system. Agile methodology is one such approach in project management that focuses on collaboration, constant improvement, flexibility, and top-quality...
LinkCollider Review 2019

LinkCollider Review: a Viable Tool for SEO/Social Boost in 2019?

This short LinkCollider review content is more about modern SEO strategies than just the LinkCollider SEO tool alone. SEO strategies that worked in 2014 are 100% different from what works for 2019. Back then...
CS: GO Cases

What are CS:GO Cases and Where can they be Sold?

CS: GO cases offer the game players an opportunity to obtain some great skins of guns and equipment. There is no guarantee that even if you try again and again, the skin you need...