75 Tech Blogs With High Page Authority for Link Building and Commenting

Linking building is one of the easiest ways to rank quickly and high on search engine results. It’s also one of the major factors Google and other search engines look at before releasing page rank.

Now since linking building is important why not just jump on the web and start commenting on any blog available. Well, it’s simple but not that simple.

There are several factors search engines put into considerations when checking the link coming back to your blog:

  • Source of the link
  • The relevance of the link (Is it coming from a source related to your niche, i.e. A tech blog?)
  • Quality of the link( Is it in a link in the comment area or post body?)
  • Type of link(Do follow or No follow)
  • The originality of Link (They can sure tell if you buy links from link building services online)
  • Page Rank of the domain the link is coming from
  • Age of the domain
  • Type of domain(e.g. .edu.|.org etc)
With the recent update of Penguin and Panda, you have to be sure to build your link in the right way; your site could get penalized if search engines service detect that all the link to your blog are not real and just purchased. So the best way to build your backlink is through commenting on blogs, submitting guest posts, and publication.
I have highlighted some Tech Blogs With High Domain Authority and Alexa Ratings that can be used for link building and blog commenting.


75 Tech Blogs With High Page Authority and Alexa Ratings

https://www.itechgyan.com (they accepts guest posts as well)
Tips: Blog Commenting: The Best Way to comment on Blogs







Best Link Building Strategy 

Ye,s you should have a strategy and plan for building your link. Google Doesn’t expect a blog that is 4 
months to have 2000 links. Because they would know you just bought it from a link building service
(This is bad for your blog reputation).

What TF means for SEOs and how to increase yours speedily

So this is what I do is build my link slowly. I start of by creating 
10 to 15 links weekly or 40 to 50 links monthly. This way to links are genuine. Creating links is simple
all you need to do is comment on other blogs, especially the ones with CommentLuv enabled. That
way you get two links for every comment. I bookmarked 20 blogs with PR 3 to 4 and comment only on 
them, that way I don’t have to go through this stress of searching for new blogs on comment on every
time. Also Check out our list of CommentLuv Do Follow Blogs With High Page Rank
You can increase the amount of links you build each month as time goes on. 

Now Your TurnThese are the list of tech blogs with high page ranks, if you wish to add more to this list, or share other link
building strategies, feel free to use the comment box. Also, hit the like and share button.

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