Top 10 Best Tablet Browser

One of the common use of our tablets is for internet purposes, so it means the better the browser, the better the surfing experience is. But what if there are tons of tablet browser is available in the market?

It’ll be terrible to try each of them one by one to know what suits you well, so we are giving you the top 10 best tablet browser to give you an idea which browser to choose.

1. Link Bubble Browser

This browser is not that famous yet, but this powerful but light browser will give you to a new web browsing experience. This browser looks like just another browser from somewhere, but the good news is that all of the features of a web browser must have can be found in this up, plus making it unique and far from others is its feature called advanced content caching, wherein the contents proceeding to the first web page is loaded in advance, so every time you click at a link, it’ll load faster as usual.

2. Puffin Browser

While this browser is not that popular yet, I can still sure you that you will like it once you used it. A fast flash web browser that supports flash content, making it an upgraded Firefox like browser.

3. Naked Browser

As it is pronounced, it really is a naked browser, no flashy look, no unwanted extras. It is just made to serve you a fast, reliable download and surfing speed.

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4. Next Browser

This web browser is one of the fastest and lightest apps out in the market. Having a beautiful, but easy interface, lightweight size, but fast and reliable internet speed.

5. UC Browser

A popular web browser for tablets specially design to cater every user’s needs. It is almost an all in one web browser, which has the features of both Chrome and Opera Browser.

6. Opera Browser

One of the most reliable web browsers available on the market, has the same features with Chrome browser, but has additional functions like its unique data compression, wherein the data loaded is smaller than usual so that you can still browse the internet, even with a weak signal.

7. Boat Browser

A fast and cool, customization web browser, you can customize every part of this browser from functional buttons, themes and backgrounds.

8. Maxthon Browser

Used by million users, this browser will give you a fast surfing experience because of its lightness and easy to use interface, one of their features included is also securing browsing, so it means you are worry free for unwanted contents.

9. Google Chrome

Another one of the well-known browsers in computer history, Google Chrome serves its user at its finest with its reliable features like incognito mode, app extensions that will make this browser an all in one application. All features of the original computer based browser are ported to the Chrome tablet browser, but only lack add-on features.

10. Firefox Browser

One of the known browsers used in computers is now available in tablets, this powerful browser gives you the experience of like browsing the original computer based application. Supports incognito and flash contents.

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Browsing the web is greatly improved by modern tablets’ captive, multi-touch screens. Being able to zoom in on a page makes text legible for comfortable reading, and is something all tablet browsers can do.

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