Top 10 Best Internet Browsers for Android Devices

Since users of the android device are increasing and a lot of them are new users or android are their first mobile phone they have, they might wonder what the best suitable web browsers for their Android devices. So let us give you a hint, and some ideas of the possible suitable web browser for your Android device.

Here’s the top 10 Best android browsers for you.

1. UC browser.

This web browser for android just started its popularity a while ago and surely will give you the experience you haven’t had before. Mention Chrome in incognito, Firefox for flash support, Opera/Mini, Dolphin/Zero fast internet technology compression, Link Bubble unique advance content loading in the background, and Maxthon, Next browser features to centralize bookmarks. It is like an all in one packed browser that hits our number 1 rank.

2. Link Bubble browser.

Link Bubble browser, may look like just the other web browsers, but also shares the common browser functions. But what makes the Link Bubble browser unique is that I loads every link page in the background making your browsing experience a lot better, let’s say you came up with this Pinterest post and wants to view the image content, the browser loads it in advance so that you don’t have to wait for it to load.

3. Next browser.

A not so familiar browser, but sure is a gem if discovered. Packed with Opera and Dolphin features combined with a beautiful design, it is like having two browsers in one.

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4. Dolphin Zero.

A stripped down version of the Dolphin version, offers the same services, but with a one key browsing focus. Leaves no trace of records and browsing history after every usage if you ask it to.

5. Dolphin browser.

The same with Opera Mini browser, this browser is lightweight and has the data compressing technology to load websites faster. Features like speed dial bookmarks, incognito, gesture commands, and its sleek design.

6. Opera Mini browser.

From the dependable Opera browser, comes its lightweight version suitable for users that is always on the go. It compresses every data gathered to load a specific website faster and easier. It also records some website contents and parts, so that it’ll load instantly when visited. Basic features a browser has, faster browsing technology.

7. Opera browser.

A dependable web browsers with a bunch of features. Also includes fast internet connection tool, wherein the total data are compressed to load a specific page faster. Either way pictures and images are loaded blurred, small, or doesn’t load at all. Has the common incognito mode features for safe surfing at work.

8. Maxthon browser.

This browser is a cloud based browser wherein it organizes all your browser activities, and make it centralized for easy use. Has a private browsing feature similar to incognito mode.

9. Chrome browser.

We can all relate to this famous browser, everything you want to have with a browser is with the Chrome browser. Also originated from computer platforms, this web browser is quite famous until now. Supports add-ons, incognito and other stuffs a browser has. But eats a number of rams.

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10. Firefox browser.

This popular web browser is first known in computer platforms. Supports add-ons just like the features once had on your computer. Supports flash content to install flash apps in Android.

Having the best android browser in your gadget can improve the performance, for online purposes.

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    • Thanks for sharing your opinion about Nano Browser Anjail, I hope our readers find them useful


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