Top 10 Best Internet Browsers for Mac

Having a Mac is not enough if you can’t even browse the internet right? For your Mac experience wouldn’t be that complete without those latest web browsers out there, you might want to check out this Top 10 best Mac browsers aside to that boring web browser you have.

1. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

While its project release under Windows OS is great but comes 2nd under Google Chrome, this web browser made a comeback with Mac users. Upgrading its capabilities, features and interface, leaving the Google Chrome browser at 2nd place. Name every extensions you know, the speed you want, and everything a browser must have, it is all under Firefox for Mac.

2. Google Chrome

Who does not know this browser sucks. This browser sire is the all-time famous for its first appearance in computer platforms. While other browsers are mimicking its content and extensions, none of them still beats the original.

3. Opera Browser

One of the well-known web browsers for every platform upgrades its function so that you can enjoy it a lot better than before. Now built under chromium project, expect its extension capabilities with Chrome. One of the best feature of this browser is its data compression, wherein you can browse the internet faster even under week data signal.

4. Torch Browser

Built the same as Chrome under chromium project. This web browser supports every add on extensions a Chrome browser has, plus the additional features like social sidebar, Torch music, video, downloads, torrent support, emoji, etc. makes this web browser a must to have.

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5. RocketMelt Browser

This web browser is best known for its social integration with Facebook. So it is a must to have your own Facebook before using this web browser to enjoy this its feature to maximum, once sync you can do all browsing activities you want without worrying opening a separate Facebook tab since your browser acts as if you are inside Facebook.

6. Apple Safari Browser

Well, this web browser comes along with your Mac product since this app is Mac’s official web browser. This browser is loved by most of the Mac users since it also has numbers of features you might want to explore.

7. Camino Web Browser

One of the coolest browser out for Mac users. This web browser is a Mac only capable application with Firefox system rendering. This Mac friendly browser sure is packed well with features a cool browser must have, thus having Mac related interface makes it easier to use than the other web browsers out there.

8. Flock Web Browser

This web browser is built based on the Firefox 3 technology, allowing it to have almost the similar interface with Mozilla Firefox, but its features are not limited and incomparable against common web browsers. This web browser is specially made to optimize social media content surfing, wherein a special toolbar can be navigated for easy synchronization with social media sites. So if you’re up for RSS feed, blogging, social media content surfing then this web browser is for you.

9. Omni Browser

Another full packed web browser that you will surely love. While other common browsers are having problems loading some contents, this web browser will surely give you that worry free experience while browsing the internet. One of the best feature of this web browser is the advanced page rendering, wherein following pages render in the background for faster web experience.

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10. Maxthon Web Browser

Everything that you are looking for, for a fully featured browser is within Maxthon Web browser. Fully packed at its best while minimizing its interface, so that there will be lots of rooms for web contents, plus the full screen ability, and the so called cloud push feature.

Learning about the best Mac browser is the first step for better performance of your gadget.

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  1. Safari and brave are one of the best browser in current time and i am also using both of them time to time and according to need.

  2. While to me, Safari is the best mac browser, this post has certainly helped me to understand some of the Mac browsers and their errors. It has also helped me to understand what browsers are necessary for the MAC system and what can easily replace the safari browser. This information is highly appreciated as I would love to try out some of the new browsers to make set my MAC pc.


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