Hurray!! You Can Now Block Unwanted Ads on Opera Browser

Ever tried surfing the web using the Opera browser only to see distracting ads on most sites you visit? One annoying stuff about this, is that the Opera Software never supported reliable extensions that could help you block most of these distracting ads just as the Ad block for Google chrome does. Anyways, if you are tired of experiencing this, i think the solution is finally here as opera finally allows The Opera browser ad block feature which is somewhat different from the Opera Adlock and Adblock plus extensions we are used too that sometimes does not function properly.
The reason for doing this according to Opera software is to help website pages load faster without ads blocking elsewhere.Increased privacy, security and a less intrusive web browsing experience are among some of the reasons demand for ad-blockers have hit an all time high.
Considering this from the adverstising point of view, i think it would be a minus for those leveraging the Opera Software for delivering ads as most of your targeted audience might want to have this feature and at the end, can’t see your advert. According to a spokeswoman for Opera,

“Ad-blocking technology is an opportunity and a wake-up call to the advertising industry to pay attention to what consumers are actually saying,”.

I think this would be a great feature for users and a bad one for advertisers. Over to you, do you think the Ad block feature is needed on the Opera Browser? Tell us using the comment box below;.

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