List of Best Keyboard Apps for Android Phones and Devices


Though most, if not all the smartphones in the market today come without a physical keyboard, it will be out-of-place to undermine the importance of keyboards on our smartphones.

Yes, we could touch our way around the phone but what about those times when we want to hit some alphabets or numbers in? A keyboard comes to mind.

Narrowing things down to Android smartphones,  there are many keyboard apps out there which are there to give you same or even a better experience of what you can get from physical keyboards.

Funny enough, the keyboard app you choose for your android smart phone will go a long way to determine your experience with the phone.

Some android keyboard apps offer large buttons –  which makes for a more comfortable typing, others offer great colour schemes to add some spice to your smartphone.

We have made a quick list of the best keyboard apps you can try out on any android phone, tablet and/or other Android devices. Let’s go!


SwiftKey has been around for some time now. The latest we heard about SwiftKey is that Microsoft has plans to buy it off. Well SwitfKey happens to be my favourite android keyboard ever.

The best feature of SwiftKey is its prediction feature, really taking the work out of typing by learning your style, use of words and sentence construction to suggest words you naturally type.

Additionally, SwiftKey comes with colour customization features and other settings such as changing the size of the keys, etc.

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It is a freemium app and works flawlessly with all stable Android operating systems (OS), even MTK devices of mid-price range can run the Swiftkey app without flaws.

GO Keyboard

gokeyboard emoji

GO keyboard is a fun option if you like your keyboard to look really busy. There are themes galore along with things like emoji support, wallpaper, stickers and sundry.

The app offers several add-ons and extension depending on the type of device you are running the app on.

In fact, you can do lots of customization on your android devices with the GoKeyboard app, but could be faced with the dis-satisfaction of having too many keys spread everywhere.


This keyboard app comes second when ordering them based on my favorites. Aside the sleek look of the Flesky keyboard app for android, you get to flex with some key animations and emoticons that make you want to type more.

There is an option to increase the size of the keys if things get so tiny for your liking. Flesky comes in many languages just like its rival, SwiftKey.

In comparison, the customizable animation effects that comes with the Flesky keyboard app makes it stand out among others. But of course, that will be if you actually care about that!


This keyboard will surely get more of your attention because aside offering spacious keys which makes for easy typing, Adaptxt adds in other great features that you will normally not find on most other android keyboard apps.

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For example, Adaptxt adds in the option to immediately post what you have typed to Facebook or Twitter without a need to launch the relevant program. This means you can update your Facebook and/or Twitter page with just a click.

Aside these, Adaptxt adds in some colorful themes for a better typing experience. It is fully compatible with tablets and phablet devices.


Giving the poor features of the TouchPad android keyboard app I don’t really know if it should be in this list but at least the app has enjoyed about 10 million installations since it was released.

If what you need is something with a sleek look, simple design and basic customization options then, the TouchPad android keyboard app will come in handy for all your devices.

Please note that all the keyboard apps mentioned here are available on the Google Play Store for free downloads.

Enjoy and do share your views below!

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