20 Best Secret Spy Camera Recording Devices for Private Investigators

Our earlier review of Sanwood secret spy camera surveillance recording pen inspired most of our readers to ask for some more options that are really private.  Hence, an improved post on top best secret spy cameras for private investigators.Before diving...

This $15 Camera Spy Pen Will Turn you to a Private Investigator

Our 2017 Black Friday shopping was all about internet tools and bizarre gadgets. We bought digital satellite signal finders, Phones, hand-held machines and small tech such as this digital video recording pen.Sanwood Mini HD DVR Spy Pen with a...

Nikon Coolpix L29 Budget Digital Camera Review: Cheap but Inferior!

Nikon Coolpix L29 digital camera is an old product but still making waves in the Nigerian e-commerce space. It is a budget camera for high-quality images & short High Definition (HD) videos.It is only a budget camera and so...

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