Chrome App Can Now Let You Cancel or Pause A Download

If you a Google Chrome user, you can attest to the fact that downloads after being started can not be paused or even cancelled when you feel it is no longer needed. But the good news is…, Google chrome is adding a functionality that would let us achieve this feat.These features would be coming in the version 50, though we are currently on the version 49 of the app and yes, it would let you pause and cancel downloads.
Comparing the new and previous updates, you would see that this came right on time.When you click on a link, the browser will actually pass this to a separate app called the Download manager which actually does not let us pause or cancel a download. But with the Chrome 50, we can be able to do with as it will be coming with little buttons under files that can let you pause or cancel a download. SO far,the cancel button is a little buggy, but Chrome 50 is still in development, so that’s not too surprising.
Another good news is, Downloads that are done using the download manager will also be coming with a cancel button (No pause button for now) and you can only enjoy this feature via the Android N.

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Actually, these are no game changing but it is good to see Google making and tweaking new app users have actually been expecting.
What do you think about this feature? Cool or Nay!
Me…. Cool..

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