Android Game Developer? Google Has Something in Stock For you

If You are A Google Game Developer (Android really) I think the guys at Google have got something in stock for you and yea, it involves some kind of ways in adding to your $$. :)
At the just concluded Google developers congress, Google announced some game focused tools for developers that would help in launching,promoting or monetizing titles easier. There is actually a blog post on this changes and i think this is going to be a game changer for developers, especially the “indie” kind of devs.
With this new update, Developers will  have access to a new video recording API that makes it easier for players to record game-play and share it to YouTube in few steps.With this, google lauched a new collection in the playstore,to that it will help promote via banners and links which they tagged the “indie corner”. You can check this out on playstore.
This feature would also help developers make their apps popular as with this, developers can be able to allow those using their apps to play a little of the game streamed to their devices as a way of encouraging downloads. Another cool stuff about this is Ad Mob. Yea, Ad Mob is also supported for this feature.
And for Developers who have in App currency, will also find this easier as it would not involve the Users as with just a few clicks on the dev console, the App would be updated with all you would like to see on your App.This might save you from a few unnecessary updates, but it’s mostly about reducing headaches for developers.

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SOURCEAndroid Developers Blog
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