Top 7 Ways to Choose the Right TV Lift

It’s no doubt that TV lifts have revolutionized the way we watch TV. When you are not watching your favorite sitcom, movie or game, you can hide it in plain sight. So, how do you choose a TV lift that will suit your need?

First, you’ll have to consider what type of lift you want, either a pop up (motorized) or drop (ceiling) lift. There are certain factors that you ought to out in mind. They include:

  • Style – traditional, modern, transitional
  • Location – Where you’ll place your TV lift
  • Storage – how much space do you need it to occupy
  • Weight and TV size compatibility – Max weight capacity the lift can take
  • Fail-safe feature – manual control when there is no power is it jammed?

Now we are going to cover both the pop-up and drop down as they differ in the way they work but the mechanism and functionality are more or less the same. But before then, I’d like to say a thing or two about TV lifts.

What Is A TV Lift?

Well, a TV lift is a simple device that can hide your TV inside a wall surface or a cabinet when it’s not being used. That might seem like something glamorous that just the richest can spend for, however that’s not true.

Some time ago the cost of a TV lift and the work required to install it was undoubtedly high, today those have actually ended up being much more cost-effective.

Does Using a TV Lift have Some Advantages?

Sure, it’s been scientifically confirmed that it’s easiest for us to view information in the kind of visual photos. And it’s not tough to find excellent evidence of it – today you can find a large-screen TV in almost every house.

How to choose a TV Lift

Nevertheless, for all the benefits TV users delight in, this device takes up rather a lot of space and does not match every room’s inside. This is where TV lift can be found inconvenient. It saves a lot of space and gives you room to add or install other useful appliances.

Another thing is – while TVs can be found in many different sizes and shapes, it is difficult to simply have one for every person. Add in that every person has different wants as well as needs, and it ends up being even more difficult to find something that will certainly suit everyone.

This is what drives people to buy a TV lift in most cases – they can fit the design to suit themselves as well as their needs.

What are the Top 7 Ways to Choose the Right TV Lift?

There is a great deal to be taken into consideration when choosing the right TV lifts, due to the fact that there are a massive variety of lifts in existence, and not all of them are made equally.

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Any person that’s buying a TV lift needs to take into account where it will be put, just how much it will be made use of, and also the number of people who will certainly want to utilize it, to name a few. This short guide will certainly offer 7 top ways or best approach to buy the right TV lift for your home/office.

Tip #1- Adaptability in Design

An increasing number of people are living in one-person families, yet family members still make up the bulk of the populace, and they are likely to have several Televisions. Even (or perhaps especially) if they only have one TV, the TV lift they buy needs to suit everyone’s capacities and demands.

The lift must consequently be versatile enough to allow for the height everyone requires, and likewise adaptable enough that it can be placed in a selection of areas in the home, depending on the space availability.

Tip #2- Weight

A lot of TVs do not weigh all that much these days, however, not everyone has a new TV. Many individuals rely upon hand-me-downs, or on the televisions which can be discovered in charity stores, not every one of which is modern-day.

Before acquiring a TV lift, you should take into consideration the reality that not all Televisions consider the very same. Not all TV lifts are made to bear the very same weight.

Additionally, you need to take the use of the lift into consideration when buying- if the lift will be made using a lot (lots of individuals with lots of different demands utilizing the same TV, for instance), after that you could wish to purchase one which can bear more weight, despite a modern TV. To take more weight, as well as the products,  being stronger, the linear actuator which supplies the activity will certainly be of a greater power, therefore making it possible for homeowners to get more work out of it before it wears out.

Tip # 3- High quality

Any TV lift you buy ought to be of the best materials you can pay for, to guarantee that you will get your cash’s worth out of it. Linear actuators as a whole are rather reputable, given that they are specifically created to have less moving parts, and therefore break less easily.

The quality style suggests that a TV will be able to take a lot of pressure and usage before it requires to be replaced, something which is extremely useful within a house.

If a TV lift is developed to either slot into the wall, or hide under the floor when not being used, it is specifically vital to use high-quality products. Making use of good quality materials means much less possibility of them breaking since both the wall surface and the floor are awkward spaces to work in.

Tip #4- Space

The main reason for the use of a TV lift is to develop more room in the home, so it is an excellent concept to seek one which is compact and quite small. This is where lifts which can be incorporated directly into another furniture come in useful, as it suggests that space can serve double duty, as somewhere to use as a table (for example) during the day, and also for holding the television at night.

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One which uses up a minimum of space can also be used inside floor and wall surface, which gets rid of the need for day-to-day space occupied by a TV.

Tip #5- Operation quality

One attribute of home automation has constantly been the need to fit in with the home setting. This has implied that the linear actuators made use of in moving components and have had to sacrifice something in regards to power and overall performance, but they have actually fulfilled their duty in making the home much more elegant and also stress-free for those that live there.

Ideally, your TV lift ought to fit in with these expectations, being silent, running smoothly, and normally being as reliable as possible.

Tip #6 – Placement

Placement of the cabinet is very important. Will it be at the foot of your bed or against the wall surface? TV lift cabinets additionally make wonderful space dividers. If the rear of the cabinet will be visible, think about a cabinet that is furnished up on all 4 sides.

Cabinets completed on all four sides are typically called ‘foot of the bed’ cabinet as this is their common placement. Cabinets that are not finished on all four sides, that is to state that the back is incomplete, are implied to be placed against the wall.

Tip # 7- Storage

One more essential consideration is how much storage space you need in the cabinet. Will you merely be storing your wire box and DVD gamer along with your TV or do you have DVDs, books or various other things that you would like to hide away? TV lift cabinet can use a little or a great deal of storage, the choice depends on you.

Foot of the bed cupboards has a tendency to be smaller than their against the wall counterparts, generally only supplying storage space for your AV components. Against the wall surface cabinet can have shelves or cabinets, providing plenty of space to save home items and add organization to the room.

Now that you know exactly what you need in choosing the right TV lift, the option must be simple to find the perfect TV lift to fulfill your demands.

Other Important Tips for Choosing a TV Lift

This section takes into account – some specifics. Like choosing a pop-up or drop-down TV Lift. As even though they work differently, their mechanism, features, and overall functionalities are practically the same.

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Choosing a Pop-up TV lift: what to look for?

This is perhaps the most common TV lift in use in many households. The first thing you’ll consider is the amount of space your lift is going to occupy in the room(s) that you want it installed.

The second thing you’ll need to consider is the style as motorized TV lifts come in varying designs. You can choose a traditional, modern or transitional as choice matters.

The third thing to consider is where you are going to place the lift. Will be it in on the foot of your bed in your bedroom or inside furniture in any room in the house? Placement is very important.

The weight and TV size compatibility is another factor. The lift should be able to carry the weight of the TV.

Choosing a Drop down TV lift: what to look for?

drop down TV LiftsThis is how to choose the best TV lift for your ceiling, this is what you’ll have to keep in mind:

Like with the pop-up, style plays an important role. There are many options available. Depending on your needs, you can choose a simple drop-down or you can opt for a more complex one.

Next, the location as you don’t want to set up your lift where there is a leak or a crack as it’s hazardous. You have to be careful in choosing and selecting the right spot for your lift.

The weight that your TV lift can carry and the size of your TV plays a very important role. You have to make sure that your proposed lift can carry your TV’s weight. This is important in ensuring that you have bought or purchased the correct lift.

The last feature in both the pop-up and drop down that is common to both when TV lift choosing is the fail-safe switch or button. This is important in case the mechanism gets jammed or there is a sudden loss of power.

Final thoughts

As the topic suggests, this is just a collection of tips, suggestions and recommendations for choosing the right TV lift for your home/office. TVs come in all sizes and shapes, and so do TV lifts: It is important that you spend time locating the right style for your house before you buy any.

There are many TV lifts available that it ought to be extremely easy to find the right one for you, specifically if you remember that it can and should also conform to your home, rather than the other way around.

All in all, Progressive automations recommends choosing a TV lift by consulting a certified dealer. This is important to get everything right for your project. Now you know how to choose the right TV lift for your home. Feel free to ask your questions below (if there’s any).

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