You Can Now Get An Emmy Award As a Youtuber

it is a great day for all content creators on YouTube as the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences have added YouTube content creators into the list of eligible categories for the Emmy awards series.
The new awards can go to content from places like YouTube Red, Crackle, Adult Swim and more. In this brand new category, the awards will be best acting performance in a short-form original series, best short-form original series comedy or drama, and best short-form original series reality or non-fiction. In order to win, the shows must have at least six episodes, and be 15 minutes long or less.
Though the awards won’t be done on TVs as with the main awards, but will be organize at a separate event however, the best part would be shown at the main event. The Emmy which accepted shows from Tv platforms like the NetFlix, Amazon prime and Hulu would be adding a new friend to their list.
I Think this is a great initiative as it did encourage most of the back-end YouTubers, killing it silently. What do you think?

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