Google's "Hands Free" Would Let You Pay Without Using Your ATM Card

As of last year, Google made a statement on the release of  a “Hands free payment platform”. We all thought they were teasing,i for one did and today, we have Google Hands Free, An app that lets you pay without bringing out your phone, ATM or any device at all. Just like the “Ok Google” search, the Google Pay, lets you pay for  goods by saying “Pay with Google”. How Sweet!
At the time, the search giant was pretty elusive about how this system worked and what security methods would be in place. It turns out that some of our speculation was right on the money.
Hands Free is an app that runs on Android 4.2 and up or any iOS device from the iPhone 4S going forward. When you create an account, you will be required to link a credit or debit card to the account and then upload a picture of yourself.

How Would  The Google’s Hands Free work?

When you work into a shop, retail store that allows the Google hands free platform, the app interfaces with the cashier’s register via Bluetooth and wifi, so when you make the “Pay with Google” statement, all the cashier has to do is to verify that your details match with what you have on your profile most especially. After that, you have your desired item delivered to you. No cards, no Atms, no phones just “Pay with Google”..
Considering the security aspect on the Google’s hands free app, Google says they are working on other initiatives that would include a facial recognition installed on all stores that supports the Google hands free payment method.
Currently, Hands Free is only available in the US, on the west coast really. Well, only San Francisco, actually and would be restricted to a small part of Sans Francisco and a handful of McDonald’s and Papa John’s. At least for now.
You can read more on the Google’s Hands free on regards to registration Here.
The Google hands free is a good platform that would help ease off stress as regards going  about with devices that might even get missing on the way.So What is your take on this? Would you like if the google hands free is supported in your country? As for me, I’d be very happy at least it would save one from the “FineBrothers” association of Nigeria.

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