Facebook Messenger Gets new Updates: Username, Barcode and Link Sharing Features

Facebook Messenger have actually been getting some cool changes since the beginning of this year. Starting from Latest Material design makeover and then adding supports for multiple accounts on Android, not forgetting pushing ads into the messenger, i think they have got cool things in stock for us.
Facebook have just announced that it would be letting users get a unique username on Facebook messenger with bar code and the ability to share links on the Instant messenging platform. This would however help users connect with people easily as you can now find friends on the messenger platform using their username, unlike the previous version where you go through the hard way just to connect with friends. This new update will work  the same way your BBM pin does when using the Blackberry Messenger App. So giving people your id name would let them add you to their list of friends.

Adding A Username on Facebook Messenger

As a facebook user, you should already have a name that shows on your public profile. All you need to do, is to go to the settings tab where you get your username and then share with friends so they can add you using the link Facebook would generate for you. This might be seeming like a hard process but trust me, it is easier than you can imagine.
As Reported by Facebook,

“Messenger Codes are the best way to find people in Messenger, whether you’re standing side-by-side or looking at your computer screen. No matter where you are – online or at an event – all you have to do is scan a code someone shares with you, and then you can start that important conversation”

You would need to update your messenger app to see this new updates in action.
What do you think about this feature? Cool or Nay?

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