Here is Why You should Get The Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung galaxy S7 phone have being subjected to so many headlines of recent together with its elder bro, the Samsung Galaxy Edge but then, it does not matter. One of the rants that have being one for a while now is Samsung’s “Ignorance” towards implementing the Adoptable Storage feature introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which would have allowed microSD cards to be used like internal storage, but then that is not supposed to bother us much. Below are some beautifully selected reasons why you need to get the Samsung galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Adoptable Storage

Adoptable Storage seeks to solve the problem of microSD card integration in Android. Previously, only certain data could be stored on microSD cards such as music, images, videos and – this is crucial – partial app data.
In making use of Adoptable Storage, devices can allow microSD cards to act much closer to (but not exactly like) internal storage space, meaning entire apps can be housed there in addition to all of the previous files.

Why This is Cool?

This is a cool initiative as it means creating more space for the storage of app data.Though google have already shortlisted the list of apps which should never be used for this purpose, we still don’t know how many apps will take hold of this opportunity
However, this is of little consequence, because with the Galaxy S7 you can still store complete apps on external SD card, as discovered by Droid Life recently.
With this, it is obvious that Samsung have not let us down if the greatest achievement of the Adorable storage is to store App data.
Apart from the Storage, The S7 family still rocks with it’s outstanding Camera performance.

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