You Can Now Sign Up For Google Fi Even Without Invitation

If you are a Google Fi fan, there is good news.Em, no i think this is good news.The good news is, You can now sign up on Google Fi, even without invitation.This is equivalent to crashing a party and eating more than everyone even when you were not invited (Remember the scene in 3 Idiots movie :D ?).
But then, if you are hearing about this for the first time;
Project Fi is a US cellular network that piggy-backs its service from both Sprint and T-Mobile networks depending on which provides a more reliable connection. The network also takes advantage of public Wi-Fi networks to fill any dead coverage with a Wi-Fi only connection.
On regards to it origin, the Google Fi is Google’s first venture into the mobile service space. They partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile in the US to form an MVNO network which was exclusive to the Nexus 6, the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X. With this, the only way to sign up for the Google Fi, was either by buying the Nexus device through the Project Fi’s Website, or by getting an invitation with your gmail account and waiting a couple of months for your invitation to roll in Yuck!!! :( .
But Today, Android’s blog announced its official goodbye to invites for the Fi Network. (This way you are free to crash in any party! …Really? At your own detriment).The post outlines brifely what the venture has taught Google about customers who made use of the platform such as travelling abroad, using SIM Cards on other devices, and the ability to log on to public Wi-Fi.

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