Google Keep Chrome Extension Would Help You Keep Notes while Browsing

Overview:As at when we all thought Google is running away from its creating apps/extension for note taking, a cool gist dropped and yes, Google Keep Chrome Extension Would Help You Keep Notes while Browsing.
The Google Keep extension/app is a new update by the California based company, that would help you to start a note that contains links to a website you come across while browsing/surfing the net. The app which have been around for a while, got this new update which really is a great news.
Basically, you can use the Google Keep on both PC or phone or even both, depending on what you think.

How to Use The Google Keep on PC

To use this extension, you would have to;

  1. Download the Google Keep Extension from the google chrome store by clicking here
  2. After download, you will get a new icon at the top right side of your chrome app, obviously, that is where all extensions are displayed.
  3. Whenever you visit a site, you can click on the icon to take a note as seen from the image below.

Google Keep Chrome/App Extension

How to Use the Google Keep on Android

The Keep App can also work on android and the process does not seem to be stressful at all.
Whenever you come across something you want in a note, just share irrespective of the app you might be in and then select Keep to create it.
Get the App for Android by clicking Here.
In both cases, irrespective of the platform you are using, the new note should have the title field autocompleted with the exact url of the contents of the note and title of the website you just shared.
What do you think?

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