Top Reasons Foreigners Buy Real Estate in Costa Brava

Have you ever dreamt about living in the sunny Costa Brava, or wondering the reasons why foreigners choose Costa Brava? Well, in today’s post, I’m going to show you the top reasons foreigners buy real estate in Costa Brava as well as show you the location, types of real estate, prices, and everything you should know about this alluring region.

What attracts foreigners to buy real estate in Costa Brava?

Real Estate in Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is the northernmost coast of Spain and the province of Catalonia. Costa Brava translates from Spanish as “wild rocky shore”, the cliffs, and rugged turquoise bays stretch along the coast, creating a wonderful and unique landscape.

The bottom of the sea goes rather sharply into the depths, and in a few meters you will disappear with your head. The Costa Brava begins in northern Maresma and stretches to the farthest range of the Pyrenees. This part of the Spanish coast is the most popular among tourists from around the world, it is there such tourism Mecca as Lloret de Mar, Playa de Aro, Empuriabrava and Calleja.

Foreigners with the desire to experience unforgettable emotions from a permanent stay in the area should pay attention to Villas for sale in Costa Brava. They are the number one choice among investors and future residents due to various reasons. Let’s find out what peculiarities force foreigners to buy real estate in Costa Brava.

The undeniable reason for buying real estate in Costa Brava

Purchase of real estate abroad is an important step regardless of the country and property cost. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to have doubts and some worries about the process of a deal, mortgage, pros, and cons of a particular housing unit, local residents, etc. Still, everything is possible if you have dedication, a strong desire, and a necessary budget.

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If we could give one answer to the question in the heading, we would say the following:

People come to the area because Costa Brava is the most prestigious region of Spain.

Perfect location and Mediterranean climate

The famous Costa Brava has top-class beaches, a varied coastline, an excellent climate, ancient Roman ruins, fishing villages, and the best restaurants on the coast.  Along the coast there are cliffs rugged with turquoise coves, creating amazing scenery.

Costa Brava is perfectly located between the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona, and the south of France. With excellent infrastructure and a mild climate, millions of tourists visit every year, which is why commercial property is so popular on the Costa Brava.

Although there are many people who are ready to invest in their own real estate – a luxury villa or apartment on the sunny coast.

The citizens of the Costa Brava coast

Costa Brava welcomes house buyers from all over the world. However, the majority of real estate owners on the coast are Catalonians from Barcelona.

Citizens of Andorra, France, Germany, and the Netherlands are attracted to the area as well. Perhaps, there are no investors that will not be interested in the sunny beaches of Costa Brava.

Districts of Costa Brava and their peculiarities

Costa Brava District

Costa Brava allows buyers to find the desired housing unit in the most comfortable area. On the whole, Costa Brava is divided into several districts. Let`s have a closer look at all of them.

  1. Between the towns of Begur, Pals and Palafrugell is the “golden triangle”, which includes the towns of Timariu and Llafranc. This is one of the most unique places not only in Spain, but also on the entire planet.
  2. South of the French border is the coastal village of Cadaqués – a great place for permanent residence for those who want to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city forever. The amazing beauty of the scenery and mild climate, wild rocky beaches and ruins create a feeling of ease of life. Real estate in the region is valued by buyers from Barcelona.
  3. For lovers of yachting it will suit the town of Empuriabrava. The city has a system of channels on the banks of which there are villas, houses and apartments.
  4. If you are looking for accommodation away from the coast, look for properties in Bash and Alt Emporda. Here there are many gardens and farms scattered among the hills.
  5. One of the “pearls” of the Costa Brava is the town of Playa de Aro. This is a favorite vacation spot for aristocrats and the rich. It combines modernity and the Middle Ages. Real estate in the town is one of the most expensive and prestigious on the entire coast.
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The lifestyle in the resort area in Costa Brava

Close proximity to the coast, white sandy beaches, pleasant water and air temperatures, sparkling yachts and luxurious real estate are the things you will have to face visiting the region. Just imagine experiencing this atmosphere every day if you move here for a permanent stay.

Life on the “wild coast” can be compared to life in Provence. And winter sports enthusiasts can get to the Pyrenees in just a few hours to go skiing. Also within a 4-hour drive is the French Cote d’Azur. Entertainment for all tastes is available in this part of the Spanish coast.

Real estate prices on the Costa Brava

Real estate prices on the Costa Brava will be 2-2.5 times higher than in all other regions of the country. This is due, firstly, to the peculiarity of the landscape – there is no possibility of building high-rise and multi-apartment buildings, and secondly, with the restriction on building – much of the land in the region is under protection and belongs to the national park areas.

The most expensive resort towns are Sagarro and Playa de Aro. Buying an apartment cheaper than 300,000 – 400,000 euro in these cities is impossible. Real estate on the Costa Brava is inexpensive (by the standards of the region), you can buy in cities such as Blanes, Lloret de Mar and Rosas.

Real estate in the European country

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