Google to rival payoneer with it’s own prepaid debit card

google get's prepaid debit card for wallet users

While this title might be misleading to some folks over there, it isn’t to us bloggers and internet marketers at large. We are all used to making all affiliate withdrawals and online payments by just creating an account with payoneer that gives us access to their prepaid debit card.

The news published few days ago at the google’s commerce blog suggests that the new prepaid debit card as opposed to payoneer’s own will come with neither monthly nor yearly charges. The card will also work with all ATM machines that accept MasterCard irrespective of the locations.

The prepaid debit card is made having the large user-base of  Google Wallet‘s users in mind, this means that any user with the debit card can easily linked it up with their account and enjoy great features such as;

  • The ease to spend their cash anywhere
  • Ability to get their cash at any ATM Machine with MasterCard Logo
  • Receiving instant notifications once any particular transaction is made
  • Not paying any annual or monthly fees

google get's prepaid debit card for wallet users

Image Credits: by IntelFreePress and Paymentmax

The funding of your prepared debit card is also very much easy, as it can be easily done by linking it to a bank account or when another person transfers money to your Wallet account.

The only limitation of the prepaid debit card is the fact that it is only available for United State users. Any U.S. user of the Google Wallet mobile application can easily apply for the card by visiting or using the option provided in the latest version of the Google Wallet mobile app.

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We contacted few of our blog’s readers based in the United States at the time of this publishing, asking them about their feelings towards this new innovation from the #1 internet search engine, they seems to have missed reaction as some feels that it is a new way for google to steal their private details while the others lauded the move, praising google for making the service completely free of any charges.

What do you think about this move from google?

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