8 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Consider Using

If you’ve exhausted the more “traditional” social media networks like Facebook and Twitter for your business networking efforts, it may be time to consider broadening your horizons.

There are hundreds of social media platforms that are being underused by businesses and with a little time and energy you could possibly make waves in a new medium Here are eight social media platforms your business should absolutely consider using…
1. Pinterest
If your business has a good-looking website, a lot of visual appeal, and markets mostly to women, you should 100% be using Pinterest. Not only is Pinterest the fastest growing social network in the world, over 70% of the brand engagement on Pinterest is done by users, not the brands themselves.
2. Tumblr
Likewise, Tumblr is a photo-sharing blog site that allows businesses to post pictures, comment on other blogs, and “tag” their work. Tumblr is
massive and provides one of the easiest platforms for constantly-changing inventory updates.

3. Vine
Sister-site to Twitter, Vine is the latest and greatest in video-sharing online. Each Vine video is limited to 6 seconds which is enough to scare away many businesses, but there’s opportunity here. Some companies, like the Weather Channel, use Vine to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the office. Others use it to show off product features while others send customized videos direct to customers.
4. Google+
Google+ got off to a rocky start but it’s now millions of members strong and an easy transition for any business already using Gmail or other Google products. Brands can engage directly with customers, segment markets into “circles” and even use the Hangout feature to talk face-to-face with clients. If you’re not on Google+ now, you will be eventually.
5. Cofoundr
Cofoundr began in (where else?) the Bay Area as an exclusive club for entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s now an international community of B2B brands and startup owners that regularly hosts real-life events and meet ups. If you’re interested in connecting with
other businesses and industry professionals, this may be a place to scope out.
6. Biznik
Biznik is a site dedicated to providing information and networking opportunities for small business owners. It’s a collaborative community that allows members to start discussions, post blog entries, and even photos and it’s a good testing ground if you need feedback on a new idea or product.
7. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is toeing the line of being one of the “big” social networking sites, but many business owners aren’t using it for
business. Yes, LinkedIn is great for professional networking, but what about testing the waters of new markets? How about communicating in a B2B capacity if you’re a consumer-facing business? Maybe you could even land a business partner! Don’t count LinkedIn out.
8. Instagram
If you want to be where the millennial are (and what business doesn’t?) you should probably be using Instagram. Only consider the medium if your business has lots of opportunities for great photos of products, the office, or even people.


Why not expand your business’ social media efforts into uncharted waters? The biggest risks usually lead to the biggest rewards, and that holds true in the world of social media. You never know what’s going to be the spark that sets your business afire.


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