Google Wants You to Help Them Name Android N

Google is throwing it open for users worldwide to suggest  a name for the  Android N. Gone are those times when may be a google team member would just come up with a name like Jellybean, Cupcake, icecream blah blah blah. This time google wants you to help them name Android N.
In the quest of trying to contribute, i suggested mine. :D
Help Name Android N
And a Twitter user, actually thinks the Android N should go having an igbo feel, NKWOBI. :D

At least not every time Oyinbo food. How about we make our very own sharp food to click? Yea and you can also support the ministry by clicking Here  and then typing in NKWOBI as your suggested name for  Android N. #IstandwithNKWOBI :)
What is your say?


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