Meet Android Instant App Which runs without Installation

The general context and procedures one must take to get the feel of an App is surely to download from a  hosted site or where ever  and then install on your device. True if you believe so, but google would like to disrupt our minds a little with the Android instant app which runs without installation. This obviously mean you must not install the app on your device to get a feel of it.

How would this App (Android Instant) Work?

When, for example, someone sends you a link to a product listing on a website, you’ll get to view it in that retailer’s app – even if you don’t already have it installed on your phone or tablet. Android will load only the relevant parts of the app on your device, on the fly, which means there won’t be a lot of waiting to do while that happens.
And if you think you like the app and want to actually install it, you’ll get a button for that too – just tap on it and the app will be on your device.
The Android instant app will be compatible with all OS going down to jelly bean. This means google would targeting over a billion user on regards this
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