Google Photos Has A New Navigation Bar

If you are yet to use google Photos as an Android user, then you are missing alot. In case you are just hearing this for the first time, this is a simple cloud storage solution to keeping all your photos and videos safe from device crashes and other demerits. it makes it easier for it’s users to store Photos on the cloud for future or urgent need.
The Guys at google have actually done a navigation overhaul on the navigation UI after getting reviews from it’s users as feedback.The goal of this update is to put these options right at your fingertips so you can get to the tools and images you love faster than ever.
The main addition is a bar that rides along the bottom of the interface. This now houses the Assistant, Photos, and Albums view. “Albums” is what used to be called “Collections,” but the Photos team opted to rename it based on feedback from their users. The Albums view now has a pretty slick carousel at the top that makes it easy to browse through shared albums, animations, people, places, things, movies, collages, and device folders.
Interested in the new Google Photos’ update? You can get this by updating your app or heading over to the google play store by clicking on the link below.
>> Download Here
What do you think about Google’s modification on the google’s photos? drop your contributions below;

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