How To Use VPN on any Android Device Without Rooting it

If you have attempted rooting your android device yourself, you know its not that easy, and the fear of doing something wrong and bricking your device is just enough reason for most people not to try rooting their device.
Well if you want to use an Open VPN on your Android, Its some what compulsory that your device is rooted( Rooting gives you ability to change how some apps relate with your device, kind of like admin privileges).
Now To use a VPN without rooting is suppose to be impossible but with the help of this App Feat VPN, its totally possible and extremely easy to use.

Feat VPN is an Open VPN application that allows you use VPN on any Android Device without rooting it.

Note: Feat VPN is not a VPN service provider so to use it on your phone you need top load the config of any VPN service provider you wish to use

How To Use Feat VPN on Your Android Device

If you don’t already have Feat VPN on your device, goto to download it or simply download it from any of your favorite APK download directories.

After you download and install this app successfully, open it and click on setup. Wait for the process of settting up to complete then tap Exit at the top part of the setup page. After that, click tunnels and select Add.

Meet Android Instant App Which runs without Installation
The first box is for the name of the config, you can call it anything you like or maybe TBC. Next Tap Load, it would take you to the device memory/SD card and locate the config you wish to use and choose it.
Press the back key to save the config. Click tunnels again and you would see the newly created settings. Tap it to connect, Feat VPN would prompt you to put your username and password. Insert it and you are connected.

How To Get Configuration Files To use With Feat VPN

Since Feat VPN is not a VPN service but an Open VPN, you therefore need to get a config file from your provider. Here is a list of VPNs that has support for Android users.

  • StrongVPN
  • PDproxy
  • Tsunami VPN
  • GPlus VPN( For Nigerians)

Once you get a config and cert from them you can insert them in FeatVPN and use them to change your IP Address easily.

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