Konga slashes 5% OFF on Purchases made via KONGAPAY

Konga online shopping mall will remove 5% discount from all your purchases on the store if you choose to pay with KONGAPAY. This is in a bid to encourage more users pay for products before delivery and to make refund easier, painless and faster for their customers.

kongapay escrow system explained

KongaPay is an escrow system that is newly introduced into the shopping mall to make the platform a safe place to shop and sale for both buyers and sellers of digital products and electronics.

It promises safe and secure payment online by partnering with top Nigerian banks and making sure that the buyer is in full control of his money until the goods bought gets delivered in good condition.

How to Use KongaPay

Using KongaPay is easy as signing up for the partnership with your favorite bank and using it as the payment option once your shopping cart is set for checkout. In details, below is how to sign up and start using the KongaPay escrow system;-

  • Sign up from http://www.konga.com/kongapay
  • Select a bank from the list, add your BVN, date of birth and account number
  • Enter the verification code sent in by your bank and compete the setup
  • Select KongaPay as your preferred payment method on order checkout page
  • Enter the one time verification code from your bank to complete the order

Benefit of Using KongaPay

Paying with KongaPay for stores and products you already trust will cut the fear of carrying huge sum around as well as save you time and efforts when waiting for your order’s delivery.

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KongaPay discounts

As of the time of filling this report, Konga will deposit NGN500 to your bank account for being among the first 10,000 persons to use this system.

You’ll also get 5% OFF from any item you buy (Mobile telecommunication network’s recharge card inclusive) with kongapay payment method.

The full benefit as listed on the page is quoted below for your perusal:

  • 100% Buyer Protection from Konga – any item you pay for using KongaPay is 100% guaranteed. We’ll instantly refund you if your order does not arrive, is damaged, or is substantially different from what was described.
  • – every transaction triggers a code directly from your bank.
    Refunds happen instantly to your bank account when you cancel an order or ask a refund.
  • – transaction details are encrypted and transmitted solely between Konga and your Bank. There are no third parties involved.
  • And best of all? on all orders using KongaPay.

What More?

3rd planet techies editors has tested this very system and will assure our readers of how safe and secure the payment method is.

This is a good development, considering also the influx of big brands such as GLO, Sumec firman and startimes in the konga mega store. It is going to be a win win situation for konga, the buyers and sellers using the shopping platform.

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