These Student Apps Would Make Your Learning More Easier

It’s amazing how education and studying processes have evolved during the last 50 years, and one of the reasons for that lies in the IT development, particularly – edtech sector. You surely have come across many education-related apps which ad claims you will study better and learn things faster when using them and, to be fair, they do facilitate your progress.

We decided to collect some of the best mobile apps for education to help you with writing a dissertation, organizing one’s time learning languages, dealing with Math assignments and more.

Best Student Apps for Learning

For Written Assignments

Writing papers is something that scares many students every year of their college time. But no worries, the little helpers below will make going through it way easier.

Plagiarism Checkers

A good plagiarism checker can save you a lot of trouble, and the good news is that edtech doesn’t slow down in creating universal tools to check the most of available resources online. The result? You’ll have your writing clean from similarities even if you used a lot of help from services or your peers.

Look for Edubirdie free plagiarism checker when working on college papers or those used for SEO content writing if you are dealing with web texts.

Writing Services

It’s ok if you can’t make your paper appear on time, but it doesn’t mean your professor will tell the same. This is where the dissertation writing apps can help you out when googling “do my dissertation for me”.

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The most important here is to choose the service that will get the job done with the highest quality and most professional approach. Like you know, the one you could recommend your bestie because that service that wrote my dissertation when I got A. Plus, you don’t have to worry about proof-reading or plagiarism checking because all is done for you. How does it help you with studying or learning? Well, it helps you to manage your work when you really can’t and this is better than taking that physics class again, isn’t it?

Grammar Checkers

Hands down, Grammarly wins the race here and let us explain why you need this one, especially when you need to hand the paper in English, and you are not an English native speaker.

When we write, we rarely pay attention to proper spelling, grammar rules, punctuation, and stuff, so when we run our texts through these checkers, we have a chance to polish the way we wrap our thoughts in words so those who read won’t get confused or understand it wrong. Plus, all the teachers love reading impeccable papers, even if they are about chemistry.

For Time (and Deadline) Management

Navigating through the tasks and not missing a single deadline is a skill mastered by a few, and in case you’re not among those masterminds, below is a list of mobile education apps that will do it for you.


Trello, originally designed to serve the project management, can be used for your studies as well in order to create your to-do list. The way you use this app is simple: you create an account, set up settings, name boards according to the classes you take, add the deadline time, and don’t forget to set the notifications when you need to get reminded about it.
The best part? You can share it with your friends or project team you work with. Plus, you’ll know how to deal with management systems while being at school, and believe us, that’s a powerful tool to master. Tip: set the deadline a few days earlier than it actually is so you have more time to sort out everything in case you need help.

project management apps

Homework Planners

If you are among those who don’t want to spend time keeping your assignments in mind all the time or carry the planner around, there is myHomework app that can fit in your smartphone.
Why this one is great? It will help you to track your workload, manage the time, set alarms for the upcoming exams, and make your student life be less messy. See, there is everything to keep you reaching your goals.

For Language Learning

This is a fact: those students who learn languages inside and outside the classroom are more successful in apprehending them better and faster. The edtech has developed a lot of applications for you to use if you want to fulfill your language goals.

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Tandem is one of the recent additions to the market and many students whose major is Languages or Literature already love it.

It allows one to practice the language with the native speakers and learn more about the routine vocabulary the people use in real-life situations, the collocations used by the inhabitants of a particular region, and the culture of the people from another country. Think of it as of the private native language tutor who is there for you.

For Self-Education

If you need more assignments, knowledge, or simply developed a lot of curiosity for the subject, there are a lot of open courses platform to bring you that.

EdX, Coursera, BridgeU, Udemy – choose any you like. Plus, some courses offer the certificate of completion that will be nice to have in addition to your diploma.

Wrapping it Up:

So there you have it – a lot of edtech apps to answer you ‘write dissertation for me”, “how to stay productive”, “best time management tools” and other queries. And don’t tell us you can’t study, because there are a lot of tools and opportunities to use.

What’s your task? Don’t be lazy to take every possible advantage to transform and simplify the way you learn things.

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