Nokia is coming Back and This time With Android

With the rise of Android and the number of users using this awesome operating system, it seemed obvious that the Nokia phones will fall even before now but i think they are beginning to realize their mistakes and this time they are coming with what you love, Android!
How i see the Nokia team preparing for the World!

According to a report as seen on TheVerge, the Nokia team  have decided to license its brand and intellectual property to a newly created company called HMD global, which will work to produce and sell a portfolio of Android smartphones and tablets.
As reported, The HMD global is a brand located at finland and will be led by Arto Nummela a former Microsoft team member who actually moved there when the mobile company (Nokia) make an alliance with microsoft. The New company have also been granted the right to produce phones using the Nokia name on their designs. Though the talks and transactions are  still on the works, we expect it to end by June and then see the company in action.
Now i see this as an opportunity for Nokia to rise up considering the fact that they have agreed in going along with the World’s most popular mobile OS, Android.
What is  your take on this? Would use the Nokia brand once it finally comes with Android OS? Share your thoughts using the comment box below.

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