List of Nigerian Banks Savings Account to Withdraw Adsense Earning

We informed you earlier on this year of the newly introduced feature that allows Nigerian Google Adsense users to Start Receiving Payments Directly to their Bank Accounts via international wire transfer.

This is a welcomed development, I personally consider it a big upgrade to the tedious check system that will normally force you to wait for days or even months before cashing your Google Adsense earning to your domiciliary account.

The international bank wire transfer introduced to Nigerian Google Adsense users was believed by majority of  Nigerian bloggers to work only with a domiciliary account in US Dollars ($).

But that isn’t the case as I have personally cashed my Google adsense earning via a Diamond Bank Savings Accounts and my closest buddy down here cashed his with Zenith Bank Savings Account.

With this prove we can say that most bank’s savings account in Nigeria can actually withdraw the  Google Adsense earning without requiring you to open a domiciliary account.

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The List of Banks Already Confirmed to Pay to Directly to Nigeria Savings Account

Most bloggers are already aware that GT Bank Savings Account can’t receive funds from international bank wire transfer done in US Dollars ($), this means that you can’t cash your Google adsense earning via a GTB savings account except  you’re ready to link it up with a Dom account.

Below we’re going to look at the few banks we have confirmed pays to savings account by converting the US Dollars ($) values to NG Naira (N).

  • Access Bank Savings
  • Diamond Bank Savings (Best option for savings)
  • First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
  • UBA Bank Savings
  • Zenith Bank Savings
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We have had first hand experience with this four (4) and can confirm they pay via savings account. It is also rumored that First Bank & ECO bank pays via savings but we haven’t confirmed it at the time of writing this article.

How to Add Your Savings Account to Adsense

banks in nigeria that pays your adsense earning to saving account
Adding your bank account to adsense is very easy and can be completed just under five minutes, all you need do is follow the instruction below accordingly.

  1. Log  in to your Google Adsense Account
  2. Locate and click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen tabs
  3. From the drop-down menu list items, select  Payments
  4. From the left sidebar menu, locate and  click on Payment settings
  5. Tab the Add new form of payment link
  6. Select Wire transfer to bank account
  7. Enter your savings account information taking note of the SWIFT-BIC

Update! –  March 2015, A user reported that United Bank for Africa (UBA) declined paying to his UBA bank savings account, so he allowed the funds to be refunded back to his Google adsense account and now sent via his Access bank savings account.

The SWIFT-BIC Codes of the Banks Listed

We listed about five banks already and will be listing more when Google sends out their payout this month, you can also help us grow this list by dropping list of other banks you’re sure pays with Savings Account.

Under-listed is the SWIFT code for:

  • Access Bank –   ABNGNGLA
  • Diamond Bank – DBLNNGLA
  • First Bank – FBNINGLA
  • Zenith Bank – ZEIBNGLA
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For list of all Nigerian Banks SWIFT-BIC codes, check out the comprehensive list here.

Note: We termed diamond bank the best option for using a Nigerian savings account to withdraw your Google adsense earning because you’ll normally get alert the same day Google makes the payment, usually the 21st of every month.

To see more option for receiving your Google adsense earning via bank wired transfer and with prospects for huge profit, see our number three (3) option at the Surviving Buhari’s De-Dollarized Economy post.

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  1. Can I receive adsense payment with student account?

    • Yes, you can but the exchange rate from banks is extremely poor these days.

  2. Victor Dominion

    Hello miracle
    Now that diamond has been taken over by access bank. Is diamond access account still the best option and should I open it? Does it still take 24hrs to reflect?

    • HI Victor,

      I still use Diamond access even though it isn’t as fast on weekends.

  3. Please does zenith savings account receives funds from google AdSense cos its over 48 hours and I haven’t received anything?

    Then at a time google sends payment on Friday , is it only possible to expect the money on Monday or could arrive over the weekend!!!

    If zenith savings account won’t work
    Is it still possible to change my account even when google has sent payment

    • You can get in touch with their CS if it doesn’t show up after Thursday.

  4. Hello Miracle,

    Put your acts right, GTBank savings account receives AdSense funds. I’ve been using it over time.

    Check and revert please.

    Nice job you’ve done here.

  5. Please I want to ask if these banks are still working in 2019 I’m thinking of opening an access bank savings please advice me which one is better because, you said diamond bank is the best but diamond bank is now access bank..

    I’ll be expecting a reply

    • Hi John,

      They’re still working fine. The only difference is – Access bank (unlike Diamond bank of old that makes the same-day payment), takes about three days to process payment. First Bank savings account rate is also good enough from what I’ve seen so far, although there’s usually a delay from the Payday to when the money actually gets into your account.

  6. I once asked a question on this post about the possibility of using First Bank Savings Account for receiving Adsense fun via Wire Transfer. That should be around April/May 2019.

    The good news is that it worked for me, not just once but several times and the fund entered (reflected on) my savings account at most 48 hours (2 days) after the fund withdrawal has been processed by Google Adsense.

    About the rate, it’s cool, within the range N350-N360. So, it can still be N355, which is the rate in most cases; and I think that’s okay for me compared to using someone’s Dorm (Dollar) account and be charged #50 (more or less) per dollar.

    • Thanks for sharing your detailed experiences, Legend. It’s refreshing to get every detail in-full.

  7. Firstbank exchange rate is much good than diamond. Am using firstbank to withdraw from adsense and i normally receive my payments every 23 so dats not too far than using diamond because of time issue because their exchange rate is too poor.

    • Hi Mp,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback and the experiences with First bank savings account. Do you mind sharing the exact rate you get from them?

  8. I love your guide and the way you respond to comments. Cheers!!!

    Please, at what exchange rate does Diamond/Access savings account gives you when it’s N360/$1?

    • Hi Victor,

      It’s been long since we withdrew via Savings instead of Dom.

  9. Nonso TrendsOfLegends

    Please, is it necessary to tick the box that says “use as primary payment details” while filling out my AdSense payment for?


    • While it doesn’t really matter, it is a good thing to have it ticked.

  10. Nonso TrendsOfLegends

    You said that First Bank does take longer than Diamond: SO HOW LONG ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HERE (HOW MANY DAYS)?


    I just want to confirm if truly first bank allows that; it’s unfortunate I cannot reply to already-made comments on this post, I would have replied to someone who commented that he used First bank and their exchange rate is okay.

    • They do allow it, only that it takes a longer time than diamond.


    Thanks God I am here…

    I am using First Bank, I am still having doubts if First Bank Normal (Naira) Savings Account could be used for Wire Transfer to receive Adsense Fund? Because this is the first time I am to receive my adsense revenue. We know how banks can be misbehaving: they would decline the fund and make everything stressful for the beneficiary.

    Please, I chose to contact you because you reply to comments faster.

    • Hi Nonso,

      Is it only First bank saving account you have at the moment? While you’ll normally get your payment with them, Diamond/Access would process the payment faster.

  13. First Bank of Nigeria is good for a wire transfer in Adsense. It is very accurate and the conversion is okay with Nigeria (1$ to N360 instead of N362)

  14. Good afternoon bro,can you use diamond current account for your Google Adsense

    • You can use that by entering it in the payment settings

  15. Your reply was fast considering this post is from last year, thanks.

    I will fill out the form as the screenshot is. Please, kindly check your swift codes, they seem to be wrong, like for UBA is UNAFNGLA, I even chatted them up to ask and confirm, they sent a doc file, surprised they’re awake by this time.

    • Thanks for the compliments. Do have a super-productive week ahead.

  16. Am finding it difficult to understand you. Is that you will input your savings bank details for int’l wire transfer when is not in USD cos Google said it must be in USD and in Nigeria too.

    Or that you give them the bank’s general int’l bank details either USD, EUR or GBP and fill up your savings details in the FFC (beneficial) field?

    • Just fill by following after the pattern in this image. If savings, your bank would convert with official figures and send to your account. If DOM, they’ll send the full sum to your account, which can be withdrawn and sold in Black market for a higher amount. Google adsense savings account withdrawal.

      Note: Ignore every other option that’s ignored in this template. Remember to replace 3rd planet techies and account number(s) with yours.

  17. I love this blog post, is well detailed. I will love to know if Diamond bank is still the best bank to use for Google AdSense payment ?

    • Definitely bro, both their Dom and savings lets you get same-day payment immediately they’re released by Google.

  18. Hi Mr. Obasi,

    Thanks for your sharing that great content. But I could see on adsense form Intermediary bank is required.

    • Ignore the “Intermediary bank” part. It is not required.

  19. Sir, please i want to talk to you personally… I am currently having some issues, I am a new blogger even though i have been blogging a company for almost two years now. Can i have you phone number sir.

    • Sure thing John, you can get in touch with me directly via guru[at] Ask for my personal cell phone details via this medium.

  20. I have a SWAG account with Diamond bank’, I dont know if I’ll receive Adsense payment with it. Is their SWAG account same features with their savings.

    • Sure thing Walter,

      You are going to get your funds as long as you have filed the correct swift details.

  21. Domicilliary or Savings account which one is better? Looking at dollar rate in the black market

    • Hi bro,

      Go with domiciliary, Nigerian banks will rip you off with their dynamic currency conversion for Savings.

  22. hello, I am new here. I want to start making money from YouTube. how do I start and about the payment, please how will I receive it. I am using sterling bank. thank you

    • That’s very much easy Ezekiel, all you need do is enable ads on your YouTube account, and then start uploading unique videos. As for withdrawal, you can add your bank details on the payment panel of your Google adsense acccount. You can follow the guide on this page to complete that.

  23. plz is Google still paying directly to savings account

    • Yes. Google adsense pays directly to Nigerian savings account

  24. Thanks. I followed you advice and opened Diamond bank savingsXtra account and lo and behold, I received the payment within 24 hour. Though I received the payment the following day because the payment was issued late in the night, but it was within 24 hours. :)

    • 3ptechies Default

      Thanks for sharing your feedback with us Odira. I’m glad you liked it

  25. I also had issues with UBA. The payment was successful the first time I tried though it took about 11 days, but the second time it wasn’t successful. It is now 3 weeks, the payment has been issued 2 times and it was declined 2 times.
    Of other banks mentioned there, Ecobank is the only bank I have account with. I don’t know if anyone has had any experience with them or should I open account with Diamond bank?

    • 3ptechies Default

      Diamond bank is the best option when savings account is your preferred method for receiving Google adsense payments


    1. do mean i can receive the google adsense earning with normal
    savings account without ticking the domiliciary account on diamond
    bank account opening slip.

    2. Can i receive the google adsense earning to my FCMB SAVINGS ACCOUNT.

    3. With FCMB SAVING ACCOUNT at what date should i be expecting the
    money, if DIAMOND bank users is receiving (21st of the month) and GTB
    is (23rd of the month).

    THANKS in anticipation as i expect quick reply.

    • You can receive Google adsense earning to your Diamond savings account the same day Google sends the payment without necessarily ticking/creating a domiciliary account.

      FCMB would still send you the money via savings account but not as fast as Diamond bank. For Domiciliary bank account opening, I’ll advice you go with GT Bank as they let you open and run the account at $0.00 balance.


  28. Are these Banks still Eligible to receive Google Adsense payments.??

    • Yeah. Thanks for dropping by

      • guy. nice post. I didnt know that Diamond accepts dat.

        • with a diamond bank savings account bro, you’ll get your Google adsense payment on the 21st, as soon as Google sends it


          • I already responded to your contact request.



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