Top 7 Reasons why I will Help Increase your blog’s Bounce Rate

I will have no remorse at all if any one chooses to pick offense with the points I am going to state here! They are facts and real as hell! This is 2013 and not 1990, Responsive design is no more considered a crime same way a fast loading page is encouraged.

7 Reasons why I will help increase your blog bouncesI prefers a blog with good design, better user experience, well optimized pages and few good articles to the ones with tons of articles, awful design, too many adverts and heavy images.

This is because every one of us have other activities to attend to and will not have as much as 5 mins to wait for those your heavy pages to load fully.

The 7 valid reasons below will not only force me to increase your blog or website bounces but will also motivate me to preach to my friends about not wasting their time visiting your blog. Here are the seven reasons why I won’t wanna spend time in your blog!

You are Very Parsimonious

Frankly speaking, I do not have any problem with those rapacious and avaricious persons that have chosen to make extreme stinginess part of their daily lives.

What I have and will always have a problem with  is when they bring such into business. Believe it or not, professional blogging is  like a business setup and must be handled with great professionalism following all known ethics and etiquette.


To them, it is just a place to make money off other bloggers and never a place to purchase logo designs that will add professionalism to their blog for $5 or less.

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I usually identify the blogs of tightfisted individuals at my first visit and will always try to increases their bounces without any form of remorse.

Your Design is so Awful

I have once stumbled on a blog via google search without bordering to read the useful tutorial on it because the design was so terrible.

I will not want to go blind ‘cos of your wicked color combination and stressful banners. Always try to ask for review among friends, in public forums and Facebook groups to see what novice, newbie and pro-users think of your blog’s design.

This will definitely go a long way in improving the user experience of your blog. If you think that your design isn’t good enough and all your reviewers are novice, you can book for a professional review in micro-freelancing sites such as or, you can also opt for a professional to do the design for you at a very decent budget.

You are so Fake

No matter how long it takes me to discover that you are a fake person, I will always increase your bounces when I happens to find it out. How do I spot a fake blogger?

  • His name is fake
  • His news are false and intended for getting traffic and user’s attention
  • His claims are lies and never real
  • His traffic stat is unreal same as his sources
  • He promotes illegal contents without any form of remorse
  • He uses many usernames to comment on his own blog post
  • His Giveaways aren’t real, they are just intended at wasting user’s precious time ……. the list goes on and on
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Why your reason for deciding not to use your real name for blogging can be validated, what about building engaging relationship with your readers? If after following your blog for sometime I happen to find out you are just a make-believe fellow I will cease coming to your blog and push the bounce button when google mistakenly brings me there.

You are more interested in money and advertisement

Most persons are now blogging for the sole aim of making few bucks online, this isn’t a bad idea if you ask me! The bad part of it is that they now flood their homepage with about 12 different banners including that of google adsense and affiliate banners not mentioning that the post page and archives have double of that figure.

This is is a very bad practice that must be avoided if you don’t want persons like myself to run away from your young blog.

Pop-Up Ads : They can be too annoying at times, nothing in this world will make me wait for 10mins to like a blog I don’t even know the content before I am granted access, social pop-up do help but pls always give us the chance to close them without waiting for minutes.

You are very Silly

Sorry if the “silly” part sounds so harsh, this is only because I can’t figure out what word to describe a blogger who is so badmouthed to his followers and readers.

I can’t forget the day I visited such stupid bloggers that insulted me simply because I requested for a guest posting opportunity, same for a blogger who replied to my comment in his blog as if I am less a human than the others who clearly understood what he was teaching about.

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The act of Disparage is one of those habits I will always encourage you to dissuade yourself from as a blogger who is always interacting with the general public.

Your blog is so heavy

I am too busy for any heavy blog, after-all there are many free tips out there to help you optimize your blog images, css, JavaScript, Videos and the likes so as to have a fast loading blog with amazing speed and improved load time.

Even search engines will hate your blog for taking so long to fully load. This is the time you need pay keen attention to your blog’s optimization for speed and improved user experience.

Your Grammar is terrible

It might not necessarily be your fault, English Language might even be your 6th language, but that will never matter to a first time visitor of your blog.

If you have chosen to blog in English language , then you must be willing to invest on it, either by employing prove-readers or learning the language yourself.

You don’t expect one to understand your dis-jointed, comic, caricature of  a joke called ‘a blog post’. How are we even going to get pass the first paragraph when the first 2 phrases is full of bad punctuation and spellings? Get serious and get busy to helping us stay longer in your blog by doing the right thing.

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Obasi Miracle
Obasi Miracle is one of the brains behind 3rd Planet Techies. A webdesign afficionado and IT Support brain-box, he flourishes and revel in helping many-a-techies in their aspiration to become the best they can.


  1. Perfectly described the most essential factors which effects the bouncing rate.its all about money but it should not be too such exposed directly to the guests which always looking for genuine information.if any of these drawbacks are seen on blogs and websites its the unconditional reason for the readers to ignore and skip from being on those websites for long.

  2. Terrible grammar?,i think i fall under this category,what do you think Obasi?

    • Terrible grammar can really be a turn off to some persons, but must of your users aren’t gonna border themselves since you are teaching them tech and no grammar.

      This is my personal take though

      • I take that as an indirect answer to my question,needed a direct answer

        • One thing you need know is that your users varies from one character to the other and so may react differently to poor grammars based on their individual takes

  3. Adesanmi Adedotun Adesanmi Adedotun

    Hi Obasi,

    Am just short of words and don’t really know where to start but I start this way; when I stumble upon this article from doncaprio’s blog it thought it’s damn going to be full of abusive words, but to my surprise it was so hilarious tome, seen as an advice on what and what may finally stopped you from visiting some blogs because time is money and this article has however point out some point that are likely to be responsible for high bounce rate and if properly monitor things may change for better. Great !!!

  4. You explained it very well … i am speechless ! Thanks for sharing this awesome article with us .


  5. Very nicely described. When i started working on my website i was also money minded but when realised that it takes much effort to earn something and one should have patience to achieve something. It’s been 3 months from now and i’m working daily to achieve higher rankings and other things. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  6. Great post! Hopefully this will open lots of eyes, and I also hope that you enjoy my blog posts. Please give me feedback if you ever see something that turns you off to it. I’m a newbie! Thanks!

    • Your blog has always been very awesome Karen, I always love reading your self development tips. Thanks for dropping by though

  7. Adesanmi Adedotun Adesanmi Adedotun

    I believe blogging is a miniature society, and online institute of learning where many people learn new things everyday. And as an institute, good communication skills is very important for effective communication despite that fact that English language may not likely be your official language.

    • That is absolutely true Adesanmi, we need have at least %85 good command with English Language to be able to get focused and really interested readers who are gonna spend time reading our blog passionately

  8. thanks for this awesome tips my guy, gotta work now

  9. I have read allot of blogs about money… in my blogs i try and give the readers of points to use my site…

  10. bounce rate, a good thing to avoid, thanks Obasi!

  11. Fantastic post Obasi. I can’t stand posts that are just about selling. I hope I don’t come under the above haha:))

    • Sure you won’t ‘cos you have always maintained highly appreciable design for your blog

  12. Wow, good advice as always. I hope I have passed your test so far! :)

    • That was a bit funny Emily, I have always loved your blog for writing really interesting articles and providing tips for newbies too

  13. you’ve said all, money on the mind first that’s why some blogs gets floated with bogus ads and links. ones visited a blog with 2 loading time, very annoying. thanks you’ve always been a back born for beginners.

    • Thanks for the kind words Kelvin, We sure try to help by providing tips for bloogers

      • Hey Obasi…
        Great way of conveying your tips on blogging in a “Should-not-do” style…
        The points you discussed are really damaging for the success of a blog and can really increase the bounce rate….
        Keeping these in mind will hopefully help me in my blog :)
        Thanks a lot!!!

        • You are very right about my style and purpose of crafting this tips Debasmita , If it were possible I would personally send messages to most of these blog owners telling them how bad a serious visitor rates their blog on first visit.

          And also gives them tips for keeping visitors longer in their blog instead of begging them to leave faster than they would have done on a normal visit.
          Thanks for finding time to check out my tips and do have a great day too.
          Happy Blogging


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