WhatsApp gets New Update: Multi Recipient Feature and more

Whatsapp which happens to be the world’s No. 1 platform for SMS kind of messaging have been rolling series of features in making that place a go-to for all those who are yet to tap into it.
Following the recent update which was pushed into WhatsApp recently, users would now be able to send messages to multi-recipient. Now you recall those times when you must have composed a killer story and the only way to pass all across the groups you belong to on WhatsApp is to copy paste, paste and paste. Yea, stressful i know.. Following this update, the game would be changing.
Aside that, another change that was rolled into WhatsApp, is the frequent chats option. Basically, your recent chats normally stays at the top of your articles meaning you get to see the profiles of those you recently chatted with. With this new update, the recent chats thingy would be replaced with the frequent chats (Meaning you get to see the profiles of those who often chat with! Cool Stuff)
There are tons of other updates the developers at WhatsApp are working on which actually are on low key for now like the gifs support (Always waited for this),Monetization and all that.
What do you think about WhatsApp latest update? Cool/Nay?

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