YouTube App for Android Would be Coming with A Better Filter Search Options

Though the current view and filter options in the YouTube App isn’t bad,, there have always been a need for the Video Streaming Company, YouTube to work on the filter options more so as to improve user experience on the site.
As seen from a report done by some of the enterprising folks on XDA, who went deep into APK for the latest version of the app (11.20.54) and found a few strings that reference additional filters coming to aid in your searches.
Though we are yet to see this new functionality in action, we expect it come live soon (Hopefully) as this would save us the stress of trying to search for a video based on either the relevance, metrics, ratings and all that. This would also be pushing all those spammy videos that made their way up to YouTube’s front page via tricks  down,making the most relevant videos to appear first on the YouTube’s front page.
What is your say on this? Would you like to see this new feature in action? Comment using the box below.

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