4 Reasons Why Your Website Design Sucks (Improving Web Design)

Have you ever wondered why visitors don’t stay long on your website? Why your website bounce rate is as high 80%? Poor website design is said to contribute to visitors leaving your website hurriedly, they did not leave because your website contains the wrong information, they left because your website design sucks!

They keep getting stuck on a page with poor color combination, poor navigation and slow page load time.
In this article, I would write on four main reasons why your website design sucks, effect of poor web design and how to go about solving problems associated with poor web design

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1. Poor CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, it’s used to select styling option for your website, css determines how stylish your website looks, with various styling option, it allows you to add effects, color changes, position, border, font, e.t.c.
For a beautiful website, the web designer must have a good grasp of color combination and blending, this would go a long way in determining how attractive your website would be. Proper styling does not only attract visitors to your website, it makes them stay longer than they wanted.

So if you think your CSS is not so good, it’s advisable to contact your web designer and instruct him to make changes, or you can learn the css on your own (within 2 hours), and give your website the stylish look you’ve always wanted.


Often, I’ve seen website that looks like dumping site for computer codes, and when I mistakenly visit such site, the next thing I do is click the close button.
Some website literally displays the code that was used in building them, provided your Internet connection is slow or you’re surfing the web with an outdated version of the web browser.
This is partly due to poor web layout, a website with poor layout does not only sucks, it gives the impression that the webmaster sucks too!
Ensure your website layout is in good condition by testing your website, using different browsers, poor website layout is synonymous with the use of table in styling your website, but the standard practice is to use CSS in creating the layout.
So in other to avoid poor website layout, it’s a good idea to make use of CSS in creating a standard layout for your website.

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It’s easy to get lost on a complex website, when you keep opening pages after pages, a website with poor navigation link would give the visitor no other option than to leave when they can’t navigate back to where they’re coming from.
This is why it’s very important to ensure that your website has a proper page navigation link, allowing users to manipulate their way around the website.
A proper navigation link would look like this: home/technology/computer/you are here.


Everybody finds it annoying to stare at a blank computer screen, when you website keeps “loading” for a long period of time (even when the Internet connection is fast), this annoys visitors and might probably close your website and find an alternative.
There are various cause to slow page load, often it’s caused by poor website script (probably an unending loop or command), slow page load can also be caused by installing a lot of third-party plug-ins on your website, what happens with the plugin is that, they connects to the developer’s website before producing an output on your website, definitely installing a lot of them (plugin) on your website will make it slow.

Having highlighted the major reasons why your website design sucks, it’s very important that you make corrections where need be, so as to avoid losing visitors or potential customers. SEE => How To Check Your Blog’s Loading speed

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Now Your Turn

I have mentioned and listed all this reasons that could down your website design skills, use the comment box below to let others know what you think. Also hit the like and share buttons so all your friends from social networks and see this.

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